What’s On: Week 2

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1) Surgeons: a farce

Venue: Corpus Playroom

Date: Tues 7th – Sat 11th May

Time: 9.30pm

Surgeons is an original, hour-long comic play set in the staff room of a failing hospital during an inspection. Pitched somewhere between a black comedy and a farce, it owes as much to the Carry-On films as it does to Peep show.

Review to follow.


2) the god of carnage

Venue: Corpus Playroom

Date: Tues 7th – Sat 11th May

Time: 7pm

One of the most successful and acclaimed plays of recent times. What happens when the grown-ups bicker like kids? And who on earth is the god of carnage? The naughty step is nigh.

Review to follow.


3) Glengarry Glen Ross

Venue: ADC

Date: Tues 7th – Sat 11th May

Time: 7.45pm

Marmet’s bleakly funny tale of bombast and desperation portrays the dark side of the American Dream and proves that, in the pursuit of happiness, someone has to lose.

Review to follow.


1) aliens

Venue: Arts Picturehouse, St. Andrew’s Street

Date: Sunday 5th May, 9pm


Tickets available HERE.

James Cameron’s sci-fi masterpiece is presented for one screening only on glorious 70mm film. In this sequel, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) returns to the colonised planet of the original film to investigate and return any survivors. Scream with delight you may, even if no one will hear you in space.


2) love is all you need

Venue: Arts Picturehouse, St. Andrew’s Street

Date: Daily (various times)

£7.50 [off-peak], £8 [peak]

Tickets available HERE.

Pierce Brosnan heads this Danish rom-com but that’s ok – he doesn’t sing. Instead, he ends up wooing the mother of his brother’s wife-to-be. And all against the backdrop of beautiful Italian scenery. Well, a lemon plantation, which may be a rather unsubtle mood metaphor.


3) the hobbit: an unexpected journey

Venue: Fisher Building, St. John’s College

Date: Sunday 5th May

Time: 7pm / 10pm


More information HERE.

Bilbo Baggins is whisked from the comfort of his Hobbit hole by a company of thirteen dwarves and the wizard Gandalf in search of some dragon gold. St John’s Picturehouse revisits the three-hour opening chapter of Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth.


1) C.r.e.e.m presents: so solid crew

Venue: Fez

Date: Sunday 5th May

Time: 10.30pm


You can buy tickets HERE.

Wikipedia informs me So Solid Crew had other top ten hits in 2001 with “They Don’t Know” and “Haters” but you are presumably well within your rights to demand a refund if they don’t play “21 Seconds” at least thrice. You’d be silly tuh tuh tuh miss it. I’ll get my coat.


2) Duke Special

Venue: The Junction

Date: Tues 7th May

Time: 8pm


You can buy tickets HERE.

Find out more about Duke Special HERE.

An Irish singer-songwriter with a taste for the Vaudeville, Peter Wilson’s craft has been compared favourably with Gary Barlow and Keane. The Duke’s finished product of albums and performances, however, definitely lend themselves more to fans of Rufus Wainwright or Ed Harcourt.


3) McFly

Venue: The Corn Exchange

Date: Tues 7th May

Time: 7.30pm


You can buy tickets HERE.

McFly’ll be delivering pop in the bouncy, chart-friendly bundles that have made Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry household names. What’s that? You didn’t know their names? But Harry won Strictly and everything! Well, it’s hardly my fault you’re in a cultural vacuum.


1) union debate: Thb the commercial establishment is killing creativity on our screens

Venue: The Cambridge Union

Date: Thurs 2nd May

Time: 7.30pm

This event is FREE for Union members.

Some of us thought Union debate motions could get no clunkier but Fenster & co. are back to prove us wrong. Speakers on this week’s profound topic include MIC’s Francis Boulle and director Mike Newell.



Venue: Fitzwilliam Museum

Date: Until Sunday 12th May

This event is FREE.

More information HERE.

This exhibition has been running for a while, but is now drawing to a close. If you’re a fan of QB (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) head on over before revision grips you in its cruel embrace. Entrance is in timed slots, so be tactical about when you try to go.



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