Fitzwilliam Museum

Young man’s dream of being ‘professor of swords’ one step closer to becoming a reality

He was inspired by the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collection

Renaissance ‘whodunnit’ uncovers new Michelangelo sculptures

Naked men riding panthers: what more could you want?

Love Art After Dark

Art, booze and sophistication

Silent Partners: Artist and Mannequin from Function to Fetish

This new exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum manages both to amaze and disgust EVE WALLER.

Where’s Whale?

The Fizwilliam Museum found a whale in a painting? Whale fancy that!

What’s On Week 2

It’s spring but raining, what’s on will alleviate, the boredom and stress

Whale How About That? Suspended Skeleton at Zoology Museum Coming Down

The Zoology Museum’s famous whale is swimming away for the next three years.

What’s On: Week 6

Exam term drags on, but life continues elsewhere. Here are this week’s culture listings.

What’s On: Week 2

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Watersprite Film Festival: The Mega Review

JAMES MITCHELL spends the weekend pitching a film script, running about a lot and enjoying the company of Olivia Colman and Eddie Redmayne.

A Guide To: Museums in Cambridge

Got a free afternoon? Why not do something a bit cultural for a change?

Fitz Robbers get 18 years

The four men found guilty of stealing from the Fitz have been jailed.

UPDATE: University Computers Hacked

Update: the Oxford University computer network’s security has also been compromised.

Holly’s Highlights: May Week

HOLLY STEVENSON’s guide to a cultural May Week.

UPDATE: Two Charged Over Fitz Robbery

Officers detain two men in relation to the Fitz robbery in London after Crimewatch appeal.

UPDATE: Fitz CCTV Released

UPDATE: The Museum’s silent alarm system was not linked to the police.

Chinese New Fear

There will be new Chinese Jade on display at the Fitz just weeks after the break-in.

Cambridge Faces

LEAF ARBUTHNOT enjoys something, but this time: it’s inedible.

Holly’s Highlights Week 0

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Holly’s Highlights: Week 5

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