Cambridge Union

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Review: Sigrid & Tellef at the Cambridge Union

A rare chance to see world-class pop, up close and personal

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The Tab talks to Bonnie Wright

Being Ginny Weasley, sustainability and feature films on the horizon

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LIVEBLOG: Midterms 2018

How does Cambridge react?

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The Cambridge Union Release Easter Term Line Up

….and reactions are mixed

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That’s so fetch?

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Munroe Bergdorf talks about oppression, intersectionality and speaking out

‘If I monitor everything I say it would be watering down what I mean’

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EXCLUSIVE: Union Spring Ball theme announced

They’re celebrating ‘all things sleek and futuristic’

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I quit social media

And nobody died

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THE TAB MEETS: Dustin Lance Black

“It’s up to us to make sure Donald Trump is the last gasp of a dying dinosaur”

The refugee crisis and Union+: How students can help

The Tab talks to Maria Epishkina

The Tab meets Scaramucci at the Union

‘The Mooch’ on Trump, those ten days and Twitter

Government declares war on safe spaces claiming they infringe freedom of speech

New legislation aims to clamp down on no platforming

Made in Chelsea’s Toff opens up about her anxieties, politics and the press

She was speaking about reality television at the Cambridge Union

Deuce-y gossip and advice served up by Boris Becker at the Union

Quickfire shots of Boris Becker’s Sunday afternoon interview

Cambridge Union will be open to all for first week of term

Up until October 11th, it doesn’t matter if you’re a member or not

Union announces price drop in membership

A lifetime membership will now cost £150, down from £199 previously

UNION ELECTION: The Tab talks to the candidates

Once you go hack, there’s no going back

Bernie Sanders in Cambridge: ‘We have a very strange president’

Bernie on climate change, Corbyn and crooked leaders

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Jonathan Pie comedian gives rape joke speech at Cambridge Union

Students claim Tom Walker trivialised sexual assault in shocking Union debate