Balls for Busy People

ROSA ROBSON talks to four students who are being kept busy this May Week.

clare may ball downing Ed Bentsi eminem Homerton Ball James Partridge King's Lola Lo ms dynamite Suicide Sunday Tinchy

With talk of big budgets and big acts dominating this week it’s easy to overlook all the stuff going on behind the scenes. I spoke to four students who are having alternative May Week experiences.

The May Ball Man

Ed Bentsi is a 2nd year Spanish and French student at Clare.

“I am one of two Ents Coordinators on the Clare May Ball Committee. Things have got really hectic over  the past few days. But we only really work during the day, so I can still fit in standard Cambridge nights out. Working the Ball means that you haven’t got nearly as much free time after exams as everyone else. I have to miss out on Suicide Sunday because we’re setting up. The best bit about it is that you are responsible for producing one of most extraordinary student events in the country. The fact that part of my job description was to hang out with Tinchy and Ms. Dynamite is surreal. Seeing it all come together on Monday was the highlight.”

The Thesp

Victoria Rigby is a 3rd year English student at Corpus.

“I’ve done a May Week play every year for the past three years, this, (my final), year I’m  doing ‘High Society’ at Emmanuel. Acting sometimes means missing out on events like  garden parties (because of rehearsals) and not having much time to just hang around.  Although for some people it might seem like a lot of work, for me, it’s absolutely worth it.

The benefits definitely outweigh any negatives as I get to bond and enjoy great camaraderie  with a lovely cast, perform in beautiful college gardens and ultimately, have loads of fun!”

The Sportsman

Paul Best is a 1st year ASNAC student at Homerton.

“I’m only going to the Homerton Ball…I’m currently playing for Cambridge 1st XI at Cricket and we recently won in the Varsity 20/20 match against Oxford on Friday. We are playing at Lords on Sunday in the 50 over Varsity match and therefore May Week is important in the build up to that game. Therefore, I will be enjoying myself as much as possible, although still keeping in mind that

I have a couple of warm-up matches in preparation for Sunday. All the cricket means that I can’t exactly go wild, but its  nice not to be able to concentrate on the cricket without having exams to think about. I’ve already sacrificed going on the lads’ holiday this year, to carry on playing cricket in the summer, so I am used to it.”

The Musician

James Partridge is a 2nd year Music student at Downing.

“This year I’m lucky to be playing 5 events. I’m singing with the close harmony group ‘Fo’  Show’ at Jesus and John’s and playing my own material at Homerton, Downing and Kings.  Playing at balls does mean I have to stay professional and obviously I can’t drink too much.  But it also means I get to feel like you are a part of the ball itself. My advice to anyone considering auditioning to  play next year is go for it. You never know what the ents teams are looking for and who  knows, perhaps your salsa-fusion Eminem tribute band is just what they’re looking for.”