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QUIZ: Which Cambridge night out are you?

Answer these questions and uncover your true self…

Clubbers of the Week: Week Two/Three

No one is safe

Review: Arcsoc’s “Paradise Garage” Night of Disco

Arcsoc’s Night of Disco was just another average Cambridge night out despite the hype.

Clubbers of the week

It’s back with a vengeance

Fresh Prince of Ballare: The best club photos this week

As the tide of exams recedes, the tsunami that is the Cambridge clubbing scene has returned

Lola Lo Down: Chilli Challenge

Can Cambridge handle the Chilli Challenge?

International Student Stupefied by Violent Attack

Straining town-gown relations further, police reveal how a Cantab was assaulted on his birthday, for wearing a gown ‘like Harry Potter’.

What Your Choice of Cambridge Club Says About You

Going out tonight? HARRY ELLIOTT analyses you as a person based on your clubbing choices

Tab Meets The Masterminds Behind Life, Fez and Lola’s

What happens when you put the managers of three of Cambridge’s biggest (read: only) night-spots in one room under interrogation? SOPHIA VAHDATI finds out

Lola Lo Down- Halloween

George Williams sees some real horrors in Lola Lo’s this Halloween

TabTV Presents The Lola Lo Down On Love

The wonderful people at Lola Lo’s tell us what they think of love.

Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

Coming up to Cambridge in 2013? Make sure you know what awaits you with our Freshers A – Z, Part 1

Lembit On The Lash In Lola (Again)

Lembit gets down with Cam students during a heavy night on the town.

The Lola Lo Down – School Dayz

Now that you’re all grown up, what do you remember about your time at school? CHLOE HARRIS finds out.

The Lola Lo Down – Refreshers

New term, same drunk students. The Lola Lo Down is back.

The Lola Lo Down on Superheroes

TabTV’s Chloe Harris heads to Lola Lo’s to find out what kind of a superhero you’d be.

TabTV gets Lost

TabTV gets Lost with RAG

Freshers’ Week: A Fresh Perspective

The Tab chats to some of this year’s newbies to find out how they found the whirlwind that is Freshers’ Week.

Cambridge Sexposed: Sex Ed

TabTV teaches you everything you need to know about Sex in Cambridge.

Cambridge Guests New Vibe

A new website is working with The Tab to provide better deals for students in Cambridge.