Suicide Sunday

REVEALED: Cambridge’s top ten most notorious drinking societies

The results are in.

Wyverns in Oxford Rape Row

Magdalene’s infamous drinking society, the Wyverns, are under police investigation for allegedly chanting about rape in Oxford city centre.

Johnnie Wyvern: Embrace Caesarian Sunday

JOHNNIE WYVERN explains his Four Step plan to Tripos success.

Sin(dy)ful: club manager robbed drinking socs to pay back parking fines.

The former Manager of Life and Cindies took his employers for a ride, stealing to pay off parking fees.

Jello, Goodbye

Wyverns cave to pressure from online petition and CANCEL the Jelly Wrestling tournament at this year’s Wyverns Garden Party.

The May Ball Conundrum

Scarred by past experience, FRANCESCA HILL moans about May Week and offers a few tips.

UPDATE: Tab Guide to Suicide Sunday 2012

Garden Party season is almost upon us and tickets are selling fast. Get your’s before they’re gone…

Balls for Busy People

ROSA ROBSON talks to four students who are being kept busy this May Week.

2011: Garden Party Guide

The definitive guide to Garden Parties in May Week 2011.

Cambridge Companion to Exam Term

Baffled by late library opening times? Worried that you will have to commit suicide on a sunday? Here is The Tab’s guide to exam term to sort it all out.

Arsonist Attempts Station Inferno

Cambridge cops have blown up a car today after a mad-man arsonist went on the rampage.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: May Week

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: May Week Special.

Alternative May Week Guide

If you forgot to buy ball tickets or you’re floundering in apathy, LOTTIE UNWIN has some solutions.

The Vile Voyeur

The Last Week of Fun [Insert exclamation mark according to how much fun you’re having]

2010 Garden Party Guide

The definitive guide to Garden Parties in May Week 2010.

Slur Your Way Into Summer

Try out a new tipple with The Tab’s snazzy recipes for sophisticated drinks.

Down It Fresher

Drinking Socities: shrouded in mystery and certainly bad for your health.