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A burst pipe left many Cowley residents without water last night

It’s not the first time either

The area surrounding Cowley Road was without water between 11pm and 6am last night due to a burst pipe.

Thames Water kept residents up to date through their 24 hour helpline, which sends text updates regarding any progress they are making to fix the issue.

Thames Water texted residents at 6:05am to inform them the pipe was fixed. The area once again has full access to water.

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Text messages from Thames Water

A third-year Brookes student told The Brookes Tab: "This sort of thing happens loads and it's super annoying".

Another said: "It happened just as I got in the shower. I didn't even get to wash the suds off."

This comes two months after another burst pipe caused the popular Fishies night at the O2 to come to an early end.