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Fishies are giving away free tickets after a burst water pipe forced them to close last night

They’re also giving out refunds

At 11:15pm last night, the O2 Academy had to close after a main water pipe burst due to Thames Water working on Cowley Road.

Michael McWilliam, a second year student, who was in the venue at the time it was closed down told The Brookes Tab: "So we were the first people in and there were probably about 30 other people, maybe less.

"It wasn't getting any busier and someone said to me that they weren't letting anyone in because of a burst water pipe. Then the DJ got on the microphone and said we all had to leave because of the burst water pipe and that The Bullingdon would let us in."

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Speaking to The Brookes Tab, Freddie Goodall from Ox Events said: "Firstly thank you for all the support and understanding on last night's issues.

"Due to a burst water main on Cowley Road, Thames Water had to turn off the water. This was completely out of control of O2 Academy and the Ox Events.

"We understand the inconvenience caused and are just as disappointed as you. A BIG Thank you to uncle Paul at The Bullingdon who bent over backwards and was actually closed but we worked together to provide the best we could for you all.

"We will be back to party with you all next week and here are some links for complimentary tickets for Liberal tonight for those who missed out on a night out last night and also a link for complimentary Fishies tickets next Wednesday.

"Refunds will be available from 2pm – 6pm at the O2 Academy. Anyone who purchased from O2 Academy and Ticketmaster will be refunded through them".

O2 Academy Oxford told The Brookes Tab they would not be providing a statement on the matter. Thames Water have been contacted for comment.