Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelor 2017: Heat Six

These are the last of the hot hunks competing to be crowned

We have had a little break with these heats, but do not worry, we are back and ready to find the most eligible bachelor at Brookes. It is the final heat, meaning your fave bachelors will soon be coming together in the official rounds to come.

But for now, which one of these boys do you think should be the most eligible bachelor?

James Showering, Second Year, International Business Management

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Also known as Jeffrey Wang, this professional rugby sevens player has an incredible heritage. Apparently, his great, great grandfather was a sultan in Malaysia, Grandfather (knighted) owned the largest alcohol company in Europe in the 60's and his Father founded Brothers cider.

This very generous young man has got a lot of love to give and need someone to treat this Christmas.

Ed Chamberlain, Third Year, Real Estate Management

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According to his friends, Ed looks like Tarzan and shags like Jane. His Facebook name is also, 'Bed Chambernator'. What a catch, ladies.

Jake Martin, First Year, Business Management and English Language with Communication

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in the middle

Jake can apparently 'chat a gypsy into buying a house' according to his mates, so expect to be convinced you'll be swept off your feet. You can find this bachelor in Purple Turtle or pretending to study for his course, which has a stupidly long name.

Joseph Herandi, Second Year, Economics

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This bachelor makes a good tuna pasta, goes to the gym at least once a week and loves a good fleece. Joseph’s a laidback guy who just hasn’t met the right gal yet. He even loves Fishies so much that he would take you on a lovely date to an aquarium.

Charlie Fletcher, Second Year, Business Management and International Relations

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According to his housemate, Charlie is a single Pringle and he's ready to mingle. You can find him at Ox Events' nights, repping his loafers and standing there like an absolute beaut at the bar. Let's hope this bachelor will find a very special girl to share his bubbly with.