Deep down, everyone knows Brookes is the best uni in the UK

We are pretty great

As semester two begins, we find ourselves questioning why we go to uni. Surely a degree is not worth this level of misery? But why be miserable anywhere when you can be miserable at Brookes? We all know it is the best and here are a few reasons why.

We are pretty, like, really pretty

And no, it is not just the students (even though we are pretty hot) but John Henry Brookes building is beautiful. Even at your most hungover you always look up and go ‘damn’. When you are sitting in the library questioning your life choices, the JHB looks angelic even when you don’t.

We have the best party etiquette

Pick a day, any day and there will be something going on. Even if there isn’t, we find a way; going to a messy flat party in Clive Booth where morals are questionable, drinking vodka straight in the library to numb the pain or simply going on a pub crawl down Cowley because why-the-hell-not?

Our sports teams are awesome

Whether it’s the Ladies Rugby or the Men’s football, we win left right and centre and we look good doing it – our kit is beaut. The sports teams are also notorius when it comes to socials; the Lacrosse lot recently had the ultimate sesh for their ‘Laxmas’ meal and the Men’s rugby went the extra mile when they sent a fresher to Edinburgh.

The Library is… fun

Nothing wakes you up more than the trip up the stairs, then down, then up and then down again in search for a computer. It really is fitness for free… the £9,000 we won’t talk about.

It takes a brave man to go to the top floor

The gym is always worthwhile

There is nothing more uplifting then doing the walk of shame past the window and ladies, you know the window. That special place where you look through every single time to see the potential. Nothing slows you down more than the downstairs gym. As well as the odd professor and the ‘who-the-hell-are-you’ public, Brookes will always have at least one of the best gym buffs and bunnies. Fitness has never been hotter.

Is this the window to heaven?

The all mighty U1

We love you, but hate you. Sure, it is a fresher feast as they get free journeys, but nothing beats a drunken, rammed bus on the way to a club like the U1. It may be a bit late, or a lot late, but it still comes through. Ella’s vomit is no longer on the floor the next morning and the strong smell of weed has disappeared into the sunrise, ready for your 9am at Harcourt Hill – hooray.

Our students are the best

You find great people wherever you go whether it’s in the back of a shitty lecture, the smoking area of The Bridge or even in the Colonnade shop when you laugh about how amazingly good the garlic bread is.

You have to agree, Brookes is pretty great.