‘I ended up wearing six layers’: We found out the exact reason why the ASS is SO cold

It’s the only place you enjoy wearing a mask because it keeps your face warm

If anyone has studied in the Arts and Social Sciences Library, more commonly know as the ASS, this term you will know that going to the library now not only requires booking a slot online, but also putting on 10 layers, trying to type in gloves and maybe even bringing a blanket to brace the cold.

Students are finding the temperatures so unbearable that there is even a warning on the library website that advises you to use another study space or “ensure you have suitable warm clothing” on for your study sesh.

Sophie, a third year History student, told us about her recent experience at the library: “The ASS was so cold I had to leave early from a couple of my sessions so I ended up wearing six layers and was only just warm enough”

At a time where the uni cannot afford to drive students away from study spaces, as it has already lost over 3000 seats due to coronavirus restrictions, we asked why it is so cold in there and when it is going to be fixed.

A wall thermometer on the first floor of the ASS displaying a cool 16 degree temperature, far from the realms of “comfortable”. (Captured: 10/12/2020)

A University of Bristol spokesperson told The Bristol Tab: “We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused by low temperatures in parts of the Arts and Social Sciences Library.

“This is due to the cold weather we’re currently experiencing in Bristol, fewer people using the library because of social distancing and the fact that the heating recycling system is turned off to comply with COVID regulations around heating and air conditioning in buildings.

“As a temporary measure and until we find a better solution, we have placed heaters across the two floors and are monitoring the temperature which can vary according to where you are in the library. We are also advising students about other spaces/locations that may be available through the booking system.”

Pieter, who studies Politics & Social Policy and is a frequent user of the ASS, went as far to say: “When you see all Bristol uni students walking around in North Face puffers, it’s not a fashion statement, they were designed for the same Arctic circle climate the ASS has been all term.”

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