Bristol fresher goes viral on TikTok for skiing down Stoke Bishop hill during lecture

‘What in the Tory?’

A student living in Stoke Bishop has gone viral on TikTok for skiing down the huge hill in Stoke Bishop during a lecture.

It took barely any “snow” to for this fresher to whip out the skis they brought for the ski trip a few months early, as they took a morning trip down the frosted hill.

The skiing itself isn’t the only thing that makes this video iconic. Not only is the fresher the most classic Bristol fresh with a dyed mullet and a lanyard around his neck, but he’s also got his lecture playing on his phone and says he’s “just going to do some education”.

This is then followed by the infamous line which many people mentioned in the comments: “Sleducation”.


The video currently has over 88,000 views and 14,000 likes. Comments include “Me cus I can’t afford the ski trip”, “what in the Tory”, and “most Bristol student thing I’ve seen”, and honestly, we can’t agree more.

Nothing screams Stoke Bishop fresher like bringing your skis to uni and skiing down the frosty hill from Wills to Hiatt Baker, and it’s not the first time it has happened either. Just wait until it snows.

Featured image: @nootnoot472 on TikTok

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