Nicola Howard
Features Editor at The Bristol Tab

UoB is booking flights to bring students back from the Hong Kong protests

There are 15 students currently studying and working in Hong Kong

Whiteladies Road is currently under water

Good luck if you’re walking home!

Whiteladies Road is currently underwater

Good luck if you are walking home!

The Uni Halls you probably haven’t heard of

There is one on the other side of the Suspension Bridge?

The definitive guide to Bristol’s best Halloween club nights

Get those last minute tickets!

‘Everyone always tells me to Bog Off’: We met Tracy Beaker and she wants you to stop asking her about that worm

Is a 20th anniversary on the cards?

Tracy Beaker is coming to Bristol and this is how you can meet her

You can meet the dumping grounds very own queen of cool for just £1

Bristol retains its title of cocaine capital of Europe

‘It’s everywhere…I call it Eau De Bristol,’ Bristol bar-owner says

How to avoid messing up your UoB Freshers’, by someone who’s been there

It’s time to address the lanyard situation…

Here are some weird and wonderful societies that you can join at UoB

Anyone fancy Nerf society??

UoB students wait three times longer for mental health services than the national average

Waiting time averages up to 52 days

A Bristol Chemistry student has died

The undergraduate was 20

We tried the new Cannabis Cafe on Whiteladies Road

It’s pot-luck that it’s opened in Bristol!

UoB introduces new unit in happiness which could count towards your degree

Exercises include sleeping more and random acts of kindness

Bristol student was neglected by a mental health trust in the lead-up to her suicide

The trust failed to implement a management plan for Natasha Abrahart, that could have saved her life

Motion has been crowned 11th best club in the world

Surely this makes the price of the Uber worth it

SPOTTED: An Econ student has made a Gossip Girl inspired Insta

Gotta prioritise the Beveridge over beverage curve

Bristol has been shortlisted for Best City Life award

Probably because of Lounge tbh

Here’s where UoB subjects ranked against the world

Did your subject make it to the top 50?

Here are the best ‘overheard’ in UoB Bristruths posts

Did yours make the cut?