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Bristol Uni introduce new library booking system and 10 hour study limit

RIP your all night study sesh

Here’s everything we know about the arrest of Jerry Harris from Cheer

Navarro cheer coach Monica Aldama says she’s ‘praying hard’ for the victims

Quiz: Which New Girl character are you?

If you get Winston Bishop you are ELITE

Your uni could report you to the police if you are seen breaking the rule of six

Universities may have to ‘engage with local police’ if students do not conform

Bristol Uni’s new ‘brutal’ library recommended for approval despite 176 objections

It’s an… acquired taste

Tell us how you eat duck pancakes and we’ll tell you what you’re like to date

The most scientific quiz to date

If you’re the seventh friend, enjoy these memes while your six mates are at the pub

We are sorry for your loss

Meet the UoB students creating an online charity shop that helps battle fast fashion

‘We are trying to reconcile the mindset between the cost on the label and the true human cost of the clothes’

Bristol Uni are encouraging face coverings to be worn as ‘a sign of respect’ on campus

can’t wait to wear a UoB sports fleece and UoB face covering so everyone knows, for certain, I go to UoB

Bristol Uni sports teams banned from saying ‘let’s slim those waists’ by SU

It’s part of a wider motion, which aims to eradicate fatphobic language in campus sport

It’s official: Bristol is the best uni in the whole country for Engineering

I guess we should stop making fun of you Engineers for going to your 9ams now

Exclusive: We spoke to the UoB student arrested on the Clifton Suspension Bridge

The XR occupation shut down the bridge for almost three hours before the protesters were arrested

Gossip Girl: Where are the cast now?

Jenny Humphrey isn’t ‘Little J’ anymore

Bristol Uni to accept A-Level applicants who have met the terms of their offers after U-Turn

Those with offers through clearing are still guaranteed a place

Blue Mountain set to close down in September after 28 years

The owners of the venue want to reclaim the building for future developments

‘It’s important people don’t lose interest’: 1000 people turn out for All Black Lives Matter march

Yesterday’s march had a particular emphasis on failures in the education system.

Bristol Uni Women’s Rugby team launch fundraiser to save their club

The effects of the pandemic have put the future of the club at risk

New permanent sculpture unveiled in the Bristol Uni chemistry courtyard

It is SO insta worthy, and it’s staying for good

Student houses could be threatened with eviction if post-lockdown partying continues

July has been an ‘explosion of noise’ for Bristol residents, according to the Noise pages

Love Saves The Day has been rescheduled for May 2021

Big shame if you already refunded your ticket

Bristol Free Speech Society abandons own Facebook group as it becomes too toxic

Recent discussions on the group have deteriorated into ‘insults and bigotry’

Meet the UoB student who has become TikTok famous for painting Jenga blocks

The fame we have at this uni is astonishing

Extinction Rebellion’s actions are ‘juvenile’, says Bristol Mayor

‘If you want to talk, just come and talk to me. You don’t have to do something so dramatic’

‘We expected better’: The XR rebels are still on the City Hall roof

‘I am genuinely prepared to stay up here as long as it takes’ Pete Hughes told the Bristol Tab

Final year UoB students have been invited to a ‘virtual celebration event’ before their real graduation

It’s the zoom pub quiz with Hugh Brady you have all been waiting for

XR activists have climbed Bristol City Hall and refuse to come down

They say they will not come down until Bristol City Council commit to ensuring legally clean air for Bristol

‘Clean air for life’ art installation has been erected on College Green by XR activists

‘The climate emergency is still the biggest threat’

XR activist hammers list of demands for ‘Clean air equality for life’ to door of city hall

This marks the beginning of a week of action from Extinction Rebellion in Bristol

Bristol Uni history department quoted a Bristruth on final year exam

The history department is definitely the coolest of them all

A new statue of a man in a wheelie bin has appeared next to the Colston plinth

It is believed to have been put there in response to the All Lives Matter protest on Saturday

Bristol Uni to review and ‘debate’ the renaming of buildings connected to the slave trade

The uni told The Bristol Tab they ‘welcome the debate’ between staff, students and alumni

Colston statue has been taken out of Bristol Harbour

The statue was retrieved at 5am this morning

Bristol Uni has ranked 58th in the world and ninth in the UK in QS World Rankings

58/1000 isnt too shabby

All the best memes from the historic fall of the Colston statue

Because our generation can’t help but historicise an event with a meme

‘We are here to fight for black lives’: Thousands gather for Bristol Black Lives Matter protest

Avon and Somerset police estimated 10,000 people were in attendance

Hundreds participate in ‘Worldwide Kneel’ on College Green and Zoom live-stream

Over 300 people participated over Zoom

Anonymous Bristol Uni students are calling out racism on campus in new Insta page

The admins are using their platform to ‘listen to the victims and the many lost voices’

Bristol’s plans for September are ‘value for money’, says Julio Mkok

The SU officer was on Sky News talking about what the next few months look like for the uni

‘It’s just the beginning’: Protesters march from Eastville Park to College Green for Black Lives Matter

‘What’s happening in America is wrong, and it can happen here’

‘I was told I look like Doris from Shrek’: Meet UoB’s most successful TikTokers

You think you’re good at TikTok, but have you been recognised at Temple Meads?

‘Universities need to do better’: New documentary explores well-being support of BME students at Bristol

The documentary ‘When Well-being is White’ aims to empower black students to speak out

Bristol students can now sign up to support care leavers and estranged students

The new campaign aims to create a peer support network for care leavers and estranged students

Mary-Jane’s Coffee Shop on Whiteladies closes amid Coronavirus fears

‘This will not be the first or last high street casualty’

‘At this current time, we are not cancelling the event’: announce LSTD organisers

The festival organisers are ‘exploring every available option’ so the event can take place

Here are all the best signs from the Greta Thunberg Bristol rally

Over 30,000 people gathered on College Green

‘I will not be silenced’: Greta addresses 30,000 on College Green

Children, teenagers and adults of all ages turned out in full force to show support

‘No time for being patronised’: Climate strike organisers respond to police safety warning ahead of Greta rally

Police have said there is the ‘potential for crushing’

STRIKES: UCU General Secretary joins students and staff in protest march

One banner read ‘Academics overworked undervalued’

Today is your last chance to submit a Briscrush ‘Lovinator’ survey and bag yourself a Valentine’s date

Find a date and donate to charity!

Anti ‘It’s okay to be white’ posters appear on UoB campus

The bright yellow posters are hard to miss

Day 15: We reviewed the SS Great Britain study space and felt very catfished

a solid 9/10 for aesthetics though

UoB issues coronavirus advice to students

The virus has killed 27 people

The University of Bristol adopts IHRA definition of antisemitism in full

The definition will help to prevent anti-jewish racism within the university

‘2, 4, 6, 8, stop the violence, stop the rape’ : UoB students march against gender-based violence

‘Vulvas against violence,’ read one of the posters

UoB is booking flights to bring students back from the Hong Kong protests

There are 15 students currently studying and working in Hong Kong

Whiteladies Road is currently under water

Good luck if you’re walking home!

Whiteladies Road is currently underwater

Good luck if you are walking home!

The Uni Halls you probably haven’t heard of

There is one on the other side of the Suspension Bridge?

The definitive guide to Bristol’s best Halloween club nights

Get those last minute tickets!

‘Everyone always tells me to Bog Off’: We met Tracy Beaker and she wants you to stop asking her about that worm

Is a 20th anniversary on the cards?

Tracy Beaker is coming to Bristol and this is how you can meet her

You can meet the dumping grounds very own queen of cool for just £1

Bristol retains its title of cocaine capital of Europe

‘It’s everywhere…I call it Eau De Bristol,’ Bristol bar-owner says

How to avoid messing up your UoB Freshers’, by someone who’s been there

It’s time to address the lanyard situation…

Here are some weird and wonderful societies that you can join at UoB

Anyone fancy Nerf society??

UoB students wait three times longer for mental health services than the national average

Waiting time averages up to 52 days

A Bristol Chemistry student has died

The undergraduate was 20

Senate House to keep its original name after £20,000 campaign to change it

We are all sad to see that ‘Building McBuilding Face’ didn’t make the cut

We tried the new Cannabis Cafe on Whiteladies Road

It’s pot-luck that it’s opened in Bristol!

UoB introduces new unit in happiness which could count towards your degree

Exercises include sleeping more and random acts of kindness

Bristol student was neglected by a mental health trust in the lead-up to her suicide

The trust failed to implement a management plan for Natasha Abrahart, that could have saved her life

Motion has been crowned 11th best club in the world

Surely this makes the price of the Uber worth it

SPOTTED: An Econ student has made a Gossip Girl inspired Insta

Gotta prioritise the Beveridge over beverage curve

Bristol has been shortlisted for Best City Life award

Probably because of Lounge tbh

Here’s where UoB subjects ranked against the world

Did your subject make it to the top 50?

Here are the best ‘overheard’ in UoB Bristruths posts

Did yours make the cut?

Here’s what it was like inside the Bristruths Birthday Bash

There was even a ‘Pin the Blame on Hugh Brady’ board

Here’s a definitive list of everything that happened when you went home for Christmas

You can’t wear your wavy garms outside Briz

Here are the best Brispets of November

Did your good boi make the cut?

Bristol students are uploading adorable pictures of their animals on BRISPETS

As if I need something else to procrastinate over

Here’s what it’s really like to live in a flat with 22 people

The saddest part is not everyone fits in a group pic