A new piece of art by Banksy has been confirmed in Bristol

The image is of an old woman sneezing

A new Banksy artwork appeared in Bristol this morning. The image is of an old woman sneezing without covering her mouth.

The image, painted on the side of a house in Totterdown, faces up one of Britain’s steepest roads.

The elusive artist, who grew up in Bristol, took credit for the artwork in his usual fashion by posting it on instagram with the caption “Aachoo!!”.

Banksy is known for creating his works without anyone catching him.

Today, Crowds have gathered on Vale Street to take photos and discuss the image’s undeniable links to the current pandemic.

Banksy’s most recent work was of a hula-hooping girl in Nottingham in October, which was vandalised soon after.

During the summer, someone put a mask over Banksy’s “Girl with the Pierced Eardrum” artwork in city centre.

All Images: SWNS

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