The Banksy-like mural on Rothesay Avenue has been vandalised

The mural has been graffitied over

The Banksy-like mural that appeared overnight on Rothesay Avenue in Lenton, has been vandalised at around 4:30pm today.

Video footage of a hooded spray-painter, who graffitied over the piece is being shared on social media.

Nottingham City Council confirmed to The Tab Nottingham that they had, thankfully, placed a perspex cover over the painting earlier in the day, so the painting itself was not damaged in this act of vandalism.

Banksy, a world-renowned Artist and Activist may have decided to pay a visit to one of Nottingham’s student areas earlier today. A mural depicting a young girl using a bike-tyre as a hula-hoop with a broken bike in front of it appeared overnight on the intersection of Rothesay Avenue and Ilkeston Road.

On the validity of the mural, Nottingham City Council stated: ‘”The emergence of this artwork overnight has attracted understandable interest and excitement in Nottingham. However, it’s difficult for us to say much more until we know whether this is a genuine Banksy or not. In the meantime, we’ve spoken to the property owner about protecting the artwork and have installed a temporary cover this afternoon.”

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