Someone has put a protective mask on one of Banksy’s Bristol murals

The work first appeared on a wall near the Bristol Harbourside in 2014

Last night, an anonymous artist stuck a mask made from an undetermined fabric over the mouth of Banksy’s ‘Girl with the Pierced Eardrum.’

The original work first appeared on a wall near Bristol Harbourside in 2014.

Speculation is growing that the mask was put on the artwork by the original artist, Banksy.

This artwork is a parody of Johannes Vermeer’s painting “Girl with the Pearl Earring.”

This is the second time that this particular piece of work has been vandalised.

It was first vandalised in 2014, just 24 hours after it appeared on the exterior wall of a recording studio.

An unidentified vandal snuck down in the middle of the night and threw black paint all over the artwork.