A suspiciously Banksy-like painting has turned up on Rothesay Avenue

A Banksy? In Lenton?

A painting in a very similar style to that of Banksy has turned up over night on Rothesay avenue suggesting the world-renowned Artist, Activist, and Director may have decided to pay a visit to one of Nottingham’s student areas.

In Lenton, it’s normal to wake up to hungover students, the sounds of the 34, or the bin lorries. On 14th October, however, residents of Rothesay Avenue were amazed to wake up to what could well be an original Banksy.

The image located on the intersection of Rothesay Avenue and Ilkeston Road, featuring a young girl using a bike tyre as a hula hoop, next to a broken bike, has seemingly sprung up out of nowhere. It has definite elements of world famous artist Banksy’s style, as can be seen through the graffiti itself, but, there is always the chance that that it could be the work of a highly accurate copycat.

This has previously happened in Nottingham, when in 2014, a piece that appeared to be that of Banksy’s was found underneath a pedestrian footbridge by the canal. However, it was ultimately confirmed to be the work of another artist.

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