Students fined after their hot tub party was shut down in Lenton

Did someone say Costa del Lenton?

Seven Notts students in Lenton were fined after their hot tub party was shut down by Nottingham police in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The students, who said they were celebrating their negative Covid test results, decided that there would be no better way than to lux out in their hot tub, in their humble abode on Harrington Drive.

On top of this party, Nottingham police said that they issued an additional 10 fixed penalty notices over the weekend.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said officers were using powers to disperse large gatherings as part of efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Dept Supt Mike Allen said: “The vast majority of people, including students, have understood the very serious situation the city and county are currently in.

“However sadly there are still those people out there who think the rules simply don’t apply to them. These reckless few risk spreading the virus. We discovered some even hosting parties for being out of isolation and others hosting a birthday party. It defies logic of any kind.”

This comes after it was announced that Nottingham currently has the highest rate of Covid in the country, and will be entering the second tier of the Government’s new lockdown system.

Both the University of Nottingham and Trent have said that students will face disciplinary action if found breaking the Government’s rules.

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