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Summer Goodkind
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Three Oxford students travelled to Ukraine a day before war broke out

They wanted to make a documentary

So, which Russell Group uni is the stingiest?

Where exactly is my nine grand going?

‘I waited 16 months’: Mental health waitlists are at an all time high and students are suffering

‘I’m now three years behind on education’

‘I feel sick inside’: Ukrainian and Russian students speak out on the current situation

One Russian student said: ‘I’m worried about how it may affect me in the UK’

Bristol students given pre-recorded lectures by dead professor

They only found out half way through the term

Here’s everything going on with Russia and Ukraine explained as simply as we can

This morning Russia attacked Ukraine – so how did we get here?

Ranked: The unis where students spend the most on a night out

So are they drinking Grey Goose in Liverpool or what??

Students who fail GCSE maths or English could be banned from getting student loans

The new plans aim to reduce the number of ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees

‘Second pandemic’ of mental health issues on its way, ministers warned

Waiting lists for care are at an all time high

The UK is experiencing its third storm in a week – so is climate change to blame?

Storm Franklin is currently underway

LIVE: All the carnage and chaos Storm Eunice has caused so far

Winds are reaching highs of 122mph across parts of the UK

Graduate salaries are finally set to rise after SEVEN years

Well it’s about bloody time

These are the Russell Group unis where staff are getting the highest pay

Meanwhile staff at unis all across the country are currently striking

A record number of UK students from disadvantaged backgrounds have applied to uni this year

International applications have also soared

80 per cent of students are worried about rising energy costs, study finds

And 62 per cent of students say their mental health has suffered as a result

Here’s why Wordle is giving users different correct answers

Don’t worry, we’re confused too

These are the unis where students are getting the most pocket money from their parents

Cheers mum for the money

‘Bullying was day-to-day’: Inside Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett’s company Social Chain

A Tab investigation reveals ‘it’s very much a boys’ club’

It’s time to stop victim blaming the women from The Tinder Swindler

Seriously, it’s not their fault

Catfishes and creeps: These Tinder horror stories may put you off dating for life

Even puts the Tinder Swindler to shame

TikTok has discovered a new eye trick to prove whether or not you’re really in love

This could make Valentine’s Day awkward

Universities must work harder to support poorer students, says regulator

They’ve said disadvantaged undergrads need more support once they start uni

We asked young people to send us their dramatic uni transformations

And then proceeded to rinse them

Exposed: These are the 15 worst unis in the country for social inclusion

I’ll try not to be surprised at the top three

All the evidence that proves The Apprentice is staged AF

This is worse than the tooth fairy

The story behind the ‘Bitches come and go, bruh’ TikTok audio is actually really sad

It’s all sad boy vibes

Only six Russell Group unis have confirmed all teaching will be in-person, despite easing of Covid rules

‘Online lectures should be scrapped’

‘A serious failure of leadership’: Sue Gray’s report on the Downing Street parties is officially out

The events ‘should not have been allowed’

Graduates are being hit with a ‘tax rise by stealth’ on their student loan – but what does it actually mean?

Basically, we’re being screwed over again

Revealed: The degree subjects with the most guys and the most girls

No points for guessing which has the most guys

Lancaster Uni lecturer previously posted pictures of young pupils on Russian website used by paedophiles

He was banned from teaching children in 2017

I gambled my student loan away in 24 hours and lost £40,000

‘It ended up taking over my whole life’

This is how many international students go to each Russell Group university

Some unis get over a third of their income from international students

It turns out Lord Sugar’s watch reveals exactly how long The Apprentice boardroom takes

Spoiler: It’s a long time

Even Sue Gray is laughing at these hilariously funny 14 Boris Johnson reaction memes

Not anotherrr one!

Ranked: How respected is your uni, really?

Peak if yours didn’t make the cut

Unsatisfied students should ‘absolutely’ apply for refunds, says universities minster

There have been thousands of refunds issued already

I sued my landlord so now I’m helping hundreds of other students do the same

‘I just feel like I have a duty to help people now’

This girl found out her boyfriend was cheating on her through Depop

‘u still interested in the top tho? xx’

Is uni better in the UK or America? We settled the debate once and for all

In summary: they’re both pretty mad

Exposed: The Russell Group unis where grads are most likely to earn under £15k-a-year

Makes all those student debts seem worth it, doesn’t it?

These are the degree subjects which have the highest drop-out rates

Meanwhile ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees could be scrapped

What actually is an NFT and why is everyone talking about them right now?

Sounds like bitcoin all over again

‘In the name of god, go’: The best reactions to today’s Boris Johnson drama

Some really do speak for a nation

Just doob it: Find out which degree courses are smoking the most weed

Truly living the high life

Boris Johnson has just announced that all Covid restrictions will end by next week

The new rules start next Thursday

‘Mickey Mouse’ uni degrees could be scrapped or lose their funding

These include any degrees with high drop-out rates or bad results

Revealed: These are the druggiest Russell Group unis

Animals, the lot of ya

These are the 20 hardest unis to get into – only six of them are Russell Group

The University of Strathclyde is apparently harder than UCL

Hundreds of Boris lookalikes gathered to rave outside No. 10 in protest of the PM

They chanted ‘this is a work event’

These are the most expensive UK cities to rent in

Shock! They’re all uni cities

Revealed: These were the whitest uni subjects in 2021

Surprised law wasn’t higher on the list tbh

91 per cent of young people think that Boris Johnson should resign

Should we throw a party or…?

Joe Jonas has gone trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois and this is NOT a drill

A friendship we didn’t know we needed

The government’s inquiry into spiking shows they really are clueless

‘Back in my day we used to think spiking was just something that happened in James Bond movies or by Bulgarian spies’

It’s official: These are the 20 easiest unis to get into

Time to get me a second degree

A moment of appreciation for Mindy: The unsung hero of Emily in Paris season two

She carries the show and you can’t tell me otherwise

If you wanted to earn more than Russell Group grads, you should’ve gone to these unis

Still won’t beat the London unis though

1000 of you voted and we can now officially reveal the most iconic moment of 2021

Thank god it wasn’t sea shanty

If you go to any of these Russell Group unis then you’re most likely to end up unemployed

Merry Christmas x

‘I just don’t trust the vaccine’: Meet the students who are choosing not to get jabbed

‘A lot of people just don’t understand my feelings’

Here’s everything we know about *that* breastfeeding cat woman TikTok

Chaotic is an understatement

Why is everyone on TikTok using the ‘I’m so lucky lucky’ audio and does it work?

Spoiler alert: probably not x

The Covid self-isolation period will be cut from 10 days to seven


Vote: What was the most truly iconic moment of 2021?

Jackie Weaver, what a throwback

The oldest person who still has student loan debt is… 90 years old

A wise investment then

16 Polar Express hidden details that prove the film really is a work of art

Sooo was it all a dream?

These are the uni cities with the most Covid cases right now

Here we go again

I got fired from my pub job after refusing to come in to work with Covid symptoms

Now she’s planning to take them to court

Ranked: The 50 unis you should’ve gone to if you wanted an easy 2:1

Easy for you, maybe

They were the ugliest boots of the noughties – so why the hell are Uggs making a comeback?

And why do I kinda want a pair?

31 UK unis have admitted to ‘monitoring’ their students’ social media accounts

Alexa, play ‘Obsessed’ by Mariah Carey

This law student used his degree to sue his landlord – and WON

Maybe law is useful after all?

People are reporting there are no lateral flow tests left on the Gov website

New Covid rules start tomorrow

Named and shamed: The 17 Russell Group unis failing to recruit enough working class students

They’ve all missed their targets

Quiz: Can you guess the price of a pint in each uni city?

It’s vital information

Student accommodation prices have overtaken the cost of a maintenance loan

Rent prices have risen over 60 per cent in the past decade

This is where the characters of Love Actually would go to uni

You just know Joanna’s going to Leeds

Nearly 300k people have said they’re attending a 10 Downing Street Christmas rave

See u there x

Take The Tab’s Drugs Survey 2021

Promise we won’t tell your mum

No. 10’s Christmas party definitely wasn’t funny, but these 18 reaction memes sure are

There’s nothing quite as unique as British humour x

Priti Patel says student drug use is ‘directly leading’ to an increase in violent crime and people dying

Shock! Students take the blame once again

Ranked: These are the unis making billions of pounds a year

So, they’re all minted?

These are the UK universities producing the most millionaires

Wish I knew this before tbh

New rules mean middle-class drug users could lose their UK passport

Police can also contact you from your drug dealers phone

Here’s how to do the looking behind the camera trend that everyone’s doing on TikTok

Mmmm delightful x

All the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask a student sex worker

‘You can take home £2,000 a week – men will pay you for the stupidest things’

While the strikes rage on, a reminder that these 21 VCs earned over £300k last year

Seems fair to me

Rating the Spotify Wrapped ‘Top Tracks of 2021’ from elite to trash

Some just don’t even deserve a spot

Universities could refund students over the strike disruptions

‘Students should not be disadvantaged academically because of any disruption’

Quiz: Which Grey’s Anatomy guy would you end up with?

Please let it be McDreamy

These are the 50 hardest unis in the UK to get a first from

Might as well know what you’ve gotten yourself into

All over-18s will now be offered a Covid booster jab

The waiting period between jabs has also been halved from six to three months

Online teaching made students ‘less anxious’ during the pandemic, study claims

Now they’re considering a move to online teaching permanently

Derailed: TikTok train star Francis Bourgeois’ real name is… Luke

We’re just as heartbroken as you

Male grads are 40 per cent more likely than women to earn £30k and above

But the gender pay gap doesn’t exist!!!

It’s official: These are 2021’s most Instagrammable UK university campuses

Gutted if yours didn’t make the cut

What is this ‘I am woman’ trend on TikTok and is it a real song?

I am literally obsessed

North Korean student sentenced to death after smuggling Squid Game into country

He stored the series on a hidden USB

‘I’ve never felt safe’: Jewish students on rising antisemitism on campus

Antisemitic incidents are at a record high

Quiz: Can you accurately guess the rent of these flats?

Crying at how expensive some of these flats are x