CONFIRMED: Banksy is artist behind mural on Rothesay Avenue

Banksy posted the mural to his instagram

By means of an Instagram post, Banksy has confirmed that the mural that appeared over night on Rothesay Avenue is his work.

On 14th October residents of Rothesay Avenue woke up to a mural in the undeniable style of world-renowned artist and activist, Banksy. Suspicions arose amongst residents of Lenton as to whether this was the work of Banksy himself or that of a highly accurate copycat.

However, at around 10:20am today Banksy posted an image of this mural to his Instagram all but confirming vocally this is indeed his work.

The mural, located on the intersection of Rothesay Avenue and Ilkeston Road, features a young girl using a bike tyre as a hula hoop, next to a broken bike with one wheel missing.

The Tab Nottingham previously reported that the mural had since been vandalised, but thankfully Nottingham City Council had placed a perspex cover over the mural so that the painting itself was not damaged.