Uni of Bristol student tested for coronavirus as whole flat self-isolates

Students are being advised to take it in turns to use the kitchen

A University of Bristol student is being tested for coronavirus while their flatmates are being advised to self-isolate for at least 72 hours.

An email sent to the flat in Orchard Heights Hall suggests the self-isolating students, who have en suite bathrooms, take it in turn to use the kitchen.

Students are able to order food or groceries online, which Unite will arrange to be brought to the flat.

The students’ faculties have been made aware of this advice to lessen the impact on their studies.

Just last week, the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Bristol.

Public Health England now say there are three cases in Bristol.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Sarah Purdy said that should the coronavirus situation worsen significantly, “we may well have to shut parts of the university.”

The uni also took the opportunity to stock up on 1,000 takeaway boxes, in case self-isolating students need food to be delivered.

The University of Bristol and Public Health England have been contacted for comment.

Updates as they come.

Featured image: SWNS stock image