UoB orders 1,000 takeaway boxes to deliver to self-isolating students

Around 20 Bristol students are self-isolating

The University of Bristol has ordered 1,000 takeaway boxes, costing £400, to use if and when food needs to be delivered to self-isolating students.

Currently there are around 20 Bristol students known to be self-isolating.

No Bristol students are known to have contracted coronavirus and less than five Bristol students have been tested for the illness.

The uni cannot be specific on the exact number of students tested for data-protection reasons.

Just three days ago, the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Bristol.

There have been no more known cases of coronavirus in Bristol, but there are currently 319 cases in England and four people have died from the illness.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Sarah Purdy said that should the coronavirus situation worsen significantly, “We may well have to shut parts of the university.”

The uni are strictly adhering to advice from Public Health England who maintain that the threat to the public is low.

For more information on coronavirus, follow this link to the uni’s specific coronavirus page, updated daily.

Wash your hands.