Here are some weird and wonderful societies that you can join at UoB

Anyone fancy Nerf society??

University societies are either a huge part of your uni experience or not at all. UoB has around 400 societies to choose from, which go well beyond sport and their notoriously savage "welcome drinks".

The Bristol Tab scrolled through the lists to find the most weird and wonderful societies, that may have been missing from your uni experience.

Quidditch Society

Of course, no British university is complete without a Quidditch team. Although it essentially involves running around with a specialised plastic broom handle between your legs, the sport goes way further than just re-enacting the treasured Harry Potter sport.

Quidditch is actually the fastest growing full contact mixed sport in the world and it is a lot more serious than people think. The Bristol Quidditch team were the highest ranked at this years British Quidditch Cup (BQC) and came second the year before that – They are a big deal!

The committee said you can always catch them at spoons for a (butter)beer after training. It's not quite The Three Broomsticks, but we'll allow it.

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Image by Chris Atton from Bristol Quidditch

Dog Soc / Cat Soc

These two societies definitely come under the 'wonderful' category. They both try and get you as many interactions with furry friends as possible whether it be through dog-walking opportunities or trips to the cat pub.

Nerf Society

Yep, there is really a society for chasing each other around with plastic guns and foam bullets!

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Despite being listed under "extreme sports" on the SU website (safety goggles can be provided!), they revealed that the societies spirit animal would be an Otter because "We're really playful and just a load of fun.".

When asked what the best feature of the society was, the captain said: "you don't need any experience whatsoever and you can have a great time…Plus it's a load of fun shooting your friends."


IKEA Soc is another wild card society that is pretty self-explanatory. It is an appreciation society for only the finest furniture that you could have in your student room.

They organise trips to IKEA as a society, so you can stock up on all the essentials – meatballs and tea lights – and they host socials too. Their captain revealed that in the past they have been partial to a "light hearted" meatball fight.

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Where can I cop a vest???


Continuing on the Swedish theme, a new society emerged briefly last year and has since gone undercover. ABBA soc, wherever you are, be a Super-Trouper and come back to us.