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Bristol Uni expects to lose £19m a year if No-Deal Brexit happens

570 jobs are also at risk

Here’s what the Bristol Uni prospectus tells you versus the harsh reality

There’s a stark contrast

Bristol student’s ceiling collapsed and Digs sent her a dehumidifier

But don’t worry, she’s sleeping on the sofa

Here are some weird and wonderful societies that you can join at UoB

Anyone fancy Nerf society??

Taylor Swift’s new song is basically about Bristol Uni (ish)

Ok, let us have this

Bristol Uni spent £4.6k in eight-day attempt to silence house parties

Renewed attempts to combat student noise will take place in September

Police launch extra patrols to tackle your lit end-of-year parties

The Noise Pages are also targeting day parties

Revealed: Bristol Uni tried to block affordable new halls scheme

Bristol wanted the idea to be ‘removed from the proposal altogether’

Here are the best ‘overheard’ in UoB Bristruths posts

Did yours make the cut?

Blue Mountain is going to be kept open past February

This is not a drill

UoB is the second most targeted uni by top employers

Take that, Durham

UoB email English students telling them their exam is on the wrong day

They thought the exam had been brought forward by four days

Exclusive: The number of UoB students suspending their studies has increased 7x in three years

Last academic year alone, 542 students voluntarily suspended their studies

Wills freshers banned from kitchen after cleaners ‘mistake Dip Dab sherbet for cocaine’

They were locked out for FOUR days

Exclusive: Number of UoB students waiting more than 21 days for regular counselling has doubled in five years

Nearly 100 UoB students have been waiting for counselling sessions in TB 1

UoB confirm the death of a second-year English student

Bristol University are calling for those affected to make use of wellbeing services

UoB’s female staff effectively working for free as of today

Bristol University’s gender pay gap amounts to 16.2 per cent

Here are the funniest Brexit signs from the People’s Vote March

‘Never gonna give EU up’

In defence of UWE: As told by a UoB student

Let’s face it, we’re just bitter UWE get to enjoy Love Saves The Day exam-stress free

10 things I learnt moving into a second year house at Bristol Uni

Beware of the slugs