Daredevil third years to smash the world record for kayaking Loch Ness

‘The Loch itself is a real monster’

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While you’ve been lounging around on the beach or enjoying a few casual pints in the sun, two of Britain’s hardest students have been preparing for the greatest challenge of their lives.

Bristol medic James Reilly and Edinburgh historian Ted Simpson, both 21, are hoping to obliterate the Guinness World Record for the fastest journey of the length of Loch Ness by tandem kayak.

They’ll have to beat a time of five hours and 19 minutes to set a new record.

James (front) and Ted braving the elements

James (front) and Ted braving the elements

The pair plan to attempt the 23 mile loch on 16th July.

Massive, murky Loch Ness, famously home to the monster, contains more fresh water than every lake in England and Wales combined.

James explained why the task ahead left the pair undaunted.

He said: “The tandem kayak record for Loch Ness is definitely do-able, it doesn’t have a crazy Olympic standard time to beat.

“It’s hard not to be nervous when you’re up against a set time. Five hours is longer than most marathons but kayaking presents its own set of challenges.”


Chiselled adventurers

Vast reserves of mental and physical endurance will be key if they’re to set a new world record.

The boys have been putting in four hour gym sessions, running half marathons and generally exercising as much as possible since deciding to take on Loch Ness in September 2014.

Thankfully there are no special dietary sacrifices they have to make.

James added: “We basically get to eat as many calories as possible.”

Even though they eat whatever they want they still fit into the boat

Even though they eat whatever they want they still fit into the boat

James revealed how they keep each other sane during their long, lonely kayaking sessions.

He said: “We really push each other to keep going. Sometimes we sing, it needs to have a good rhythm.

“Our favourites are Disney tunes. Especially ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ from Mulan.”

What Loch Ness looks like on a good day

What Loch Ness looks like on a good day

Our adventurers have been friends since they were five years old, brought together by a shared passion for exploration and daring feats.

They’re planning further expeditions to Iceland and eventually to the North Pole.

But first up is Scotland’s most famous and most formidable body of water.

James added: “Catching Nessie would be a bonus –– but the Loch itself is the real monster.”

Help James and Ted raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust by donating here.