William Lloyd
Editor, The Tab Bristol

Daredevil third years to smash the world record for kayaking Loch Ness

‘The Loch itself is a real monster’

Am I the only one who’s noticed craft beer is tearing our country apart?

Every time you drink it you’re punching your 18-year-old self in the face

Bristol’s Best Bums 2015: The girls

Cheek these out

Bristol dropout and YouTube sensation Jack Harries engulfed by plagiarism storm

And you thought using Wikipedia for your essay was a bad idea

Bristol’s Best Bums 2015: The guys

There are some cracking pics in here

BNOC 2015: Group one

If you’re not on this list you’re not a proper person

These are the people who want you to vote for them in Bristol West

Remember the thing where you tick a box and forget about it for the next five years? It’s happening again in May

UBU has transformed into a hot air balloon

Not the kind of balloons you’re into

The Bristol SU Election Results

It’s the second biggest election happening this year

Bristol only slightly more international than the average Pitbull song

International, so international

David Cameron won’t shut up about the Nandos on Park Street

Bet he’s a Lemon & Herb man

Top employers think Bristol is fire

And by fire, we mean off the chain

In case you missed it: Watch the Clifton fireworks in all their glory

Just another standard Sunday night in Bristol

People’s champion George Robb delivers final ultimatum to uni chiefs

Thousands united in call for protest

Medical student killed by cocktail of legal high and ecstasy

‘He was throwing stuff on the floor and hallucinating’

What’s the worst nightclub in Bristol? Vote now

Burn down the disco

Take a closer peek at the heroes who put ass in the ASS library

It wasn’t even for charity

Jailbreak 2014: Liveblog

Can the winning team send us a postcard?

We went for dinner with ‘the UK’s hottest single woman’ to find out why she hasn’t met Mr Right

Former Take Me Out contestant Lucy Harrold has even set up her own dating site – BirminghamLove.co.uk – to help her in search for true love

Bristol grad makes the squad for this summer’s World Cup

Is our boy joining Wazza, Stevie and, err, Phil Jones in Brazil?