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Vote for UoB’s biggest BNOC: Heat Four

serve them up some humble pie x

If you thought that Heats one, two and three were the best and brightest BNOCs that Birmingham had to offer, then you'd be wrong – these eight are hot on their heels, and vying for your votes. Go on – give them the validation they so desperately need.

Dan Scothern

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Dan believes that his notorious northern charm has placed him as a BNOC favourite – although contentious (he's only from Stoke), it apparently does mean "everything he says is funny". As the incoming president of Cool Runnings, he's "a sucker for any sports night" and he counts meeting Bran Stark as one of his uni highlights – bet he's feeling pretty pleased with how that finale went then, eh?

Katie Townsend

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Although she apparently "knows literally everyone", Katie says that the highlight of UOB experience is her house – "cringy as that is, they're fab and all my best experiences (like the bread fight) have involved them" – we love a wholesome moment. She told us that she hopes that "this experience boosts my Old Joemance presence, because it’s been lacking lately. I’m afraid I will also now be charging for fab selfies because I found out that you don’t actually get paid for doing Guild drama."

Alfie Ratcliffe

Whilst you’re all humiliating yourselves at Sports night, Alfie is dedicating himself to much more noble pursuits – this "charming" athlete and musician believes he deserves BNOC because he can "recite every single line from Star Wars episode III Revenge of the Sith".

Harry Baker

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Not only has Harry been the social sec for Match of the Day society for two years in a row, but he also won the Golden Boot during the 2018 World Cup for the England Cerebral Palsy football team "with his absolute rocket of a right foot." As a sports night fiend, he's promised that if you vote for him, then he'll "take you on a date" – best form an orderly queue now ladies.

Lily De Ans

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Although a bit of a lightweight in the drinking department, Lily is evidently extremely "generous and charitable", as well as a "a sweet and sexy soul". As an ambassador for Cancer Research UK, she once made it to Parliament to meet with Theresa May for the 70th anniversary of the NHS. She told The Tab that "whatever happens in the next few weeks, I just want to make one thing clear to my fans: fame will never change me." Good to know hun.

Prav Sivakumaran

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The key to being a BNOC? Humility, apparently. This contender tells us his success is owed to "being nice, knowing people, and not thinking of myself as a BNOC". Prav had a hard time remembering his uni highlight, telling us "I probbaly wouldn't remember what should be my highlight because chances are I was probably too drunk." But fear not, he offers us this: "if I had to choose something it would probably be going after a lone tyre randomly rolling down Bristol Road after a messy night out to keep as a souvenir." Classic.

Luca Jones

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Like every hardworking uni student, Luca's dream is to "make my parents proud", which is admirable but also bizarre given the nature of this competition. She classes "finding out that they do 6 mozzarella dippers and cheesy chips at Mamma Mia Pizza for £3 if you wink at the staff" as her highlight. The more you know I guess. "I'd like to shoutout my friends who entered me into this draw, and ask them to never do such a thing ever again x"

Paul Hardman

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Paul's mission to becoming a BNOC has been a long one, "over the last five years of uni I've built up a solid group of friends from across Chem Eng, lacrosse, and triathlon clubs." I mean most of us just do three years and one club to add to our LinkedIns. He has been voted Mr Chem Eng twice and lost his virginity taking part in his course's charity Take Me Out event. No likey, no lighty.

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