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Bran Stark had to have a police escort whilst attending UoB

oops, our bad hun x

Isaac Hempstead-Wright, best known for his role as Bran Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones, has revealed that he was assigned a police escort during his time at UoB last year.

The 19 year old started as a Fresher in 2017, studying Joint Honours Music and Maths, and was pictured living it up in the Duck and Scholar, before dropping out in order to focus on his acting commitments.

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Speaking to The Telegraph, he explained that “I ended up being assigned a campus police officer. It was all quite surreal.

"My university address got published in the press, which meant that every time I walked out of my halls pretty much I would have to do a selfie with someone. That’s the last thing you want at nine in the morning when you’re trying to go to a maths lecture.”

Despite the fact that UoB students have zero chill, he is planning to return to university to study Neuroscience, after Game of Thrones wraps up later this year – “I just want the chance to go and do something of my own accord. I’ve been on this big machine for so long and yet this is still the start of my life.”

Play it cool guys, leave the Three-Eyed Raven alone.