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Vote for UoB’s biggest BNOC: Heat two

Stay humble guys x

Following on from yesterday's first heat, we're back to bring you the next batch of wannabes and campus celebs. We'll see talent ranging from Brumfess' finest to sports night legends. Vote to see your housemate/coursemate/ex/fuckbuddy/idol in the final.

Ellie Watson

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As the so-called "reigning queen of Sports Night", Ellie has officially agreed to get a BNOC tattoo if she wins (we'll hold you to it hun). Although she only made it to a total of 3 lectures in 3rd year – and also somehow inserted a homemade meme of herself in an assignment worth 100% of a module – she did also drink Frosty Jacks out of a fish and enjoy it, so I suppose take from that what you will.

Hannah Prodger

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Hannah is know far and wide on campus for, in her own words, "being crazy and a basic mess". Loyally drinking the night away at Fab every single week, she once passed out drunk, lost all her stuff, and her parents had to drive all the way from home to Birmingham at 3am to find her. So, having already achieved the crowning glory of favourite child, BNOC would simply be the cherry on top.

Farhan Chin

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You knew it was coming – this first year student is notorious on Fab N Fresh and Brumfess alike for their constant stream of witticisms and advice. When asked about his rise to infamy, Farhan said that he wasn't quite sure how he actually became a BNOC, but the life of the UoB famous certainly has its ups and downs – "if you get choked, you're a BNOC". His favourite parts of uni are the nights out, often meeting his fans and haters at the clubs, and has apparently been spotted getting wavey at everywhere from Stuesdays to The Mill. In his own words, "here's to hoping I don't end up like James Charles".

Rui Fazendeiro

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Rui takes pride in recounting one particular night out as his highlight of his UoB experience: "getting so drunk on a student night before a 9am seminar that I collapsed and went blind for half an hour, being held up by a mate, and then I just went back in and carried on dancing." We've all been there. He tells his supporters "Farhan Chin is a bigger BNOC than I ever will be." There's one more vote for Farhan.

Cameron Bonfield

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As the new Rugby Union Club Captain for next year, Cameron believes that "after being shockingly overlooked for UoB's Hottest Single I feel it's time I got some lovin' from the Tab and UoB." When asked if he had a message for all his supporters, he urged them "to keep learning, keep staying humble and most importantly keep staying hydrated."

Sam Rosenthal

So how does Sam feel about being nominated for 2019 BNOC? "The title just chose me, when you have 24/7 paparazzi outside my house it's difficult not to be." The wealth of humility shown in this competition is quite extraordinary. Sam's highlight has been "getting more actively involved politically and running Elevate".

Roberta Wright

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Roberta has previous BNOC credentials, winning "Biggest BNOC in Modern Foreign Languages" at the MFL Ball, but it's the Tab's title she really covets. Roberta received "a prestigious Old Joemance with my uni wife Alice Peddie" which is her uni highlight, along with being cast in the UoB MFL languages video. That may have made her parents proud, but this will make them prouder.

Sarah Pullen

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Sarah tells us "I always have a pint in hand, whether I'm Pullen one at Circo or drinking my body weight at the Goose." A girl after our own hearts. Her UoB highlights have led to her "breaking several bones in my body over the years. Although I am physically scarred from my UoB experience, I feel blessed to be a part of the number 1 party uni." Any messages? "I want to say thank you to everyone for fuelling my constant bad life choices, and encouraging me to embarrass myself at every opportunity. Here's to many more."