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This is exactly how much money the Islanders will earn per Instagram post

They don’t need the £50k

The point of Love Island might be to find love, but there's no denying the fame that comes with going into the villa is definitely a major perk.

The increase in Instagram followers the Islanders see after going on the show is so substantial most of them don't return to their jobs when they leave the villa. Instead they choose the influencer life, earning easy money by posting on Insta.

New data has found that social media influencers are paid on average £0.0033 for every follower they have, per post. This might not sound a lot, but when you look at how many followers the Islanders have gained since their time in the villa, the money really starts to add up.

Based on these figures, we've calculated exactly how much the 2019 Love Island stars are making per sponsored post.*

Molly-Mae Hague – £7,260

Coming out top is Molly-Mae Hague who could earn up to £7,260 per post!!!

Granted she was already an influencer before entering the villa, but her time on the show has made her follower count rocket to a whopping 2.2 million.

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via Instagram: @mollymaehague

Molly-Mae will undoubtedly be inundated with sponsorship deals when she leaves the villa. In fact she's already risked being disqualified for promoting Oh Polly clothes whilst on the show.

Tommy Fury – £5,940

Coming a close second to his girlfriend is Tommy Fury, who could earn around £5,940 per insta post.

Having a famous older brother in boxer Tyson Fury has probably helped with Tommy's follower count, but his time on the show has certainly helped him amass his current 1.8 million followers.

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via Instagram: @tommytntfury

Even if they don't win the £50k, Tommy and Molly-Mae are still gonna be pretty loaded when they leave the villa.

Amber Rose Gill – £4,620

With 1.4 million followers to date, Amber could earn up to £4,620 per insta post.

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via Instagram: @amberrosegill

Someone needs to sponsor her for all the neon dresses she wears.

Lucie Donlan – £4,290

She might have been booted out of the villa a while ago now, but Lucie still came out fourth.

With 1.3 million followers, it's likely she's likely to earn around £4,290 per post.

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via Instagram: @lucierosedonlan

Maura Higgins, Michael Griffiths, Anna Vakili, Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart – £3,300

With one million followers each, these Islanders could earn around £3,300 per post.

After landing a job on Loose Women and finding out how much she can earn just by posting on insta, I'm sure Amy is well and truly over Curtis breaking her heart.

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via Instagram: @amyhartxo

Ovie Soko – £3,003

With just shy of one million followers on Insta, everyone's favourite Islander could be earning about £3,003 per post.

It doesn't sound like he's short of cash though, given the recent revelation that his net worth is supposedly $35 million!!

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via Instagram: @oviesoko

Anton Danyluk – £2,914

Anton's 883,000 followers could be earning him £2,914 per Insta post.

With that kind of money, maybe when he leaves the villa he can afford to get his bum waxed professionally, instead of making his mum shave it…

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via Instagram: @anton_danyluk

Yewande Biala – £2,488

It feels like ages ago that OG Islander Yewande was booted out of the villa, but she still has a huge 754,000 followers.

With that kind of following, she can make about £2,488 on each Insta post.

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via Instagram: @yewande_biala

Joe Garatt – £2,221

Joe bagged himself 673,000 followers during his time on Love Island, meaning he could be earning about £2,221 per post.

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via Instagram: @josephgarratt

He definitely won't need to keep making sandwiches…

Sherif Lanre – £1,564

It seems that getting booted off the island for breaking the rules hasn't done Sherif much harm, he's still likely to be making about £1,564 per post, thanks to his 474,000 followers.

Sherif has already jumped on board the sponsorship bandwagon, promoting everything from skinny food to car air fresheners, and the photos are jokes.

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via Instagram: @sherif_lanre

Jordan Hames – £1,531

As a model Jordan pretty much spends his life promoting clothing brands on Insta, but he's set for a lot more sponsorships after his time in the villa.

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via Instagram: @jxrdanhames

His follower count is a solid 464,000 meaning he can earn as much as £1,531 per post.

Jourdan Riane – £1,525

Casa Amor Islander Jourdan has 462,000 followers, meaning she could be earning as much as £1,525 per Insta post.

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via Instagram: @jourdanriane

Danny Williams – £1,495

Danny follows closely behind Jourdan with 453,000 followers, earning him £1,495 per post.

It looks like the model has already embraced the influencer life, promoting brands such as Boohoo in his insta pics.

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via Instagram: @itsdannywilliams

Elma Pazar – £1,307

Elma followed in Sherif's footsteps and has been promoting car air fresheners to her 396,000 followers since she left the villa.

Let's hope she's getting paid the full £,1307 to make it worth the cringe pics…

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via Instagram: @elmapazar

Joanna Chimonides – £1,300

She might've taken Amber's man, but Amber got the last laugh. She has over a million more followers than Joanna, who has just 394,000.

Joanna earns a solid £1,300 per post though, so she's still doing pretty well.

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via Instagram: @joannachimonides

Plus she can't be too hard up, because she's been promoting a £3,000 cash giveaway on her Insta.

Arabella Chi – £1,284

Arabella has well and truly embraced the influencer life. She might pale in comparison to the other islanders with only 389,000 followers so earning just £1,284 per post, but she's had plenty of sponsorship deals already, including a sponsorship from The Sims.

Bit rogue, but you can't get much worse than car air fresheners.

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via Instagram: @arabellachi

Belle Hassan – £1,257

Given Belle and Anton's popularity and her famous dad, it's pretty shocking that the make up artist has just 381,000 followers on insta.

She still gets £1,257 per post though, and she might be in with a chance of winning the 50k. Solid.

Image may contain: Bar Counter, Pub, Robe, Gown, Fashion, Evening Dress, Human, Person, Clothing, Apparel

via Instagram: @bellehassan

Callum Macleod – £1,155

He might've been the first to get dumped from the island, but Callum rakes in £1,155 per post, thanks to the 350,000 people that still follow him.

He's also been promoting Skinny Food since leaving the villa.

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via Instagram: @callum_macleod

Still better than car air fresheners…

India Reynolds – £1,152

Somehow India gets a solid £3 less per post than Callum, despite the fact she's still in the villa and he was the first Islander to get dumped.

She's earning £1,152 per post, with 349,000 followers.

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via Instagram: @lovefromreyn

This doesn't seem to have stopped her securing sponsorships from some pretty big brands though, she's even promoted PrettyLittleThing.

Greg O'Shea – £670

To be absolutely fair to Greg, he's only been in the villa five minutes, so nobody's had a chance to follow him yet.

But based on his current follow count, which is at 203,000, he'd be earning about £670 per post.

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via Instagram: @gregoshea

It seems like Greg is putting his following to better use though, by raising money for charity.

How wholesome.

Chris Taylor – £495

Chris might be the nation's new sweetheart, but his follow count suggests otherwise.

With just 150,000 followers, Chris would only be getting £495 per post.

Sad times.

Tom Walker – £406

Tom might have coupled up with Arabella since leaving the villa, but their follow counts are certainly no match.

According to Instagram, Tom is one of the least popular islanders with just 123,000 followers.

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via Instagram: @tom9walker

Unfortunately if he quit modelling and chose to become an influencer, he'd probably only be earning around £406 per post.

George Rains – £347

Maybe if George had spoken more during his time in the villa he'd have gotten more followers.

As it currently stands he has 105,000 so could only bag himself about £347 per post.

Maybe he should stick to asking people what their favourite snack is…

Francesca Allen – £339

Poor Francesca didn't have much luck finding love in the villa, and it seems like she didn't have any luck getting followers either.

Her follow count currently stands at 121,000, meaning she gets just £339 per post.

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via Instagram: @francesca_allen

Harley Brash – £218

With just 66,000 followers, Harley would likely only earn about £218 on her posts.

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via Instagram: @harley_brash

Marvin Brooks – £185

And coming last out of 2019's Islanders is Marvin Brooks.

With a follow count of just 56,000, around 1/40 of the number of followers Molly-Mae has, Marvin could only earn about £185 on his insta posts.

Image may contain: Man, Vessel, Watercraft, Boat, Vehicle, Transportation, Apparel, Clothing, Person, Human, Accessories, Sunglasses, Accessory

via Instagram: @marvinbrooks

Better luck next time.

*Numbers were accurate according to how many followers the Islanders had at the time of writing

Featured image via Instagram: @mollymaehague

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