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These are the maddest theories about why Sherif was kicked off Love Island

Quite possibly all made up, obvs

We're all still reeling from the news that Sherif has been kicked off Love Island after breaking the rules.

All Sherif has said is that it was "a poor case of judgement" and that "he didn't conduct himself in the right way."

That hasn't stopped the internet from speculating wildly as to why he's been kicked out, though. Some of the theories are absolutely mental, and these are the best ones. DISCLAIMER: Most likely all made up.

1. He had a wank in the hot tub

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2. He had a fight with a fellow Islander

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The Tab spoke to the people in the group chat and this was never confirmed

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3. He was communicating with the outside world

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4. He was using his phone to get Anna to follow him on Instagram

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6. He lied about his age

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7. He deliberately got kicked out after he'd had enough 'free holiday'

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8. Producers had to kick him out for trying to make 'it is what it is' a thing

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9. He did a literal poo in the hot tub for a joke

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10. He gave Tommy Fury pink eye by farting on his face

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11. It was karma working its mysterious ways on Anna

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Love Island may never tell us the real reason Sherif was booted off the show. Until then may the theories continue to run wild. At the moment we have no clue what the real reason is, but The Tab is working to find out.

If you have any information, or know someone who might: email [email protected]

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