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Dumped: Meet the jilted exes of Love Island 2019

Lucie’s been calling her boyfriends her ‘bev’ for years


We’re a full three weeks into Love Island 2019 and the exes have come crawling out of the woodwork.

As is par for the course, this cohort of impossibly fit people have left a trail of equally fit ex-boyfriends and girlfriends in their wake. Some of them are fit enough to one day be dropped into the villa as a surprise, and one has already been in.

We’ve done the heavy lifting, stalked the Instas, tabloids, and tweets to find the many exes of the Islanders. Marvel at how fit and angry they are below:

Millie Roberts – Tommy's ex-girlfriend

Millie Roberts and Tommy dated for two years before he entered the villa.

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Millie has a huge Instagram following herself with over 22k followers.

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This week Millie called Tommy out for lying about how long it had been since they had broken up. During his date with Lucie, Tommy claimed he had been single for 10 months, but his ex has said that they were together three months ago.

Millie backed this up with a picture of them on her Instagram story dated back to the 19th Feb 2019.

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The caption read: "Didn't realise February-March was 8-10 months ago? I know you're not the best at maths but this is no excuse. It's mad what fame and money can do to people.

"Try and act like the whole relationship was nothing. But okay Tommy you do you."

Savage. Hope you don't get caught out for any more lies Tommy!

After receiving a lot of support from Love Island fans, Millie posted another story wishing Tommy "all the best."

She added: "What is toxic to me might not be to someone else".

Expect to hear more from Millie in the coming weeks.

Charlie Frederick – Lucie's ex-boyfriend and Love Island 2018 alumnus

You know Charlie. He dropped into the villa on the eighth day last year, only to wind up with Hayley and get voted off five days later – that Charlie.

According to Lucie, she and Charlie got together "a few weeks" after he left the villa last year.

The pair apparently split in January this year. Charlie later claimed Lucie was just "using his name to get famous". Who knows, maybe this is true, maybe Lucie wanted to up her Instagram followers by getting with Charlie.

When asked about Lucie going on the show, Charlie cryptically said he hoped she was going for the show for the "right intentions" before adding: "She's most definitely not looking for love! She's only 21!"

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"Things couldn't have worked out better for me finding this bev!"

The worst thing about this relationship though? The fact that the pair have been caught calling each other their BEV in their Instagram captions, way before Lucie tried to make it happen on the show.

Other than Charlie, Lucie has been liked to a number of other boys, including Spanish surfer dude Jamie Pombo.

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Lucie and Jamie met at a surfer camp in Fuerteventura in December 2017 and dated for a year.

They dated for over a year long-distance, with Lucie flying to Lanzarote once a month to see him.

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Lucie and her surfer duuuuude

Emily Barker – Curtis's ex-girlfriend

Emily Barker, like Curtis is a professional dancer also features as a professional performer on the Irish version of Dancing with the Stars.

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The two-year relationship recently ended before Curtis arrived at the villa.

Since Curtis started on Love Island, Emily is yet to make a comment. However, a number of fans have picked up on the similarities between Emily and Amy, who Curtis is currently coupled up with.

James Maddison – Molly-Mae's ex-boyfriend

The newest contestant to the villa is the ex-girlfriend of Leicester City footballer James Maddison.

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The pair dated earlier on this year, before Molly-Mae broke it off to find someone new, or someone on Love Island.

Molly has said: "All the dates I've been on have been guys from Instagram".

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She said: "A few footballers have slid into my DMs. I’ve dated footballers, it’s all just superficial and on the surface. And then you get to know them and they’re just a bang average Jack the Lad."

Well, let's hope Molly finds someone better than "bang average" at the villa.

Cal Christie – Amber's ex-boyfriend

Amber has kept quiet about any serious ex boyfriend, however, after a little digging we've found Amber's teenage love: Cal Christie.

He posted this birthday collage for her 18th birthday and if that doesn't scream true love I don't what does.

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Other than that, Amber's publicised dating list seems a little scarce.

The only other dating experience she's mentioned is turning up to a date in Manchester completely smashed off Cosmos. She claimed she was so drunk she fell through the gap between the train and the platform – in front of her date.

Denise Wilkie – Anton's ex-girlfriend

After a lot of searching, we cannot seem to find any trace of Anton's girlfriend on his social media, but she's been quite vocal herself since he entered the villa.

The pair met on holiday in Ibiza and soon after moved in together. They even starred on a short-lived reality TV show called GLOW about people in Glasgow.

On the show, Anton was exposed for cheating on Denise, but after the initial anger, Denise decided to forgive him. Anton has since said he's cheated on all his girlfriends.

She said: "We are on good terms and I want Anton to do well. You can't hold a grudge forever and he has apologised for how he treated me so many times."

James Finnegan – Maura's ex

Molly-Mae was visibly shocked to discover Maura had only slept with five people. Maura responded by saying she’s been in a nine-year relationship.

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via Instagram (@maurahiggins)

The ex in question, an Irish car salesman called James Finnegan, was at one point engaged to Maura, but Maura’s mum says the relationship “fizzled out.”

Tommy Hadjioannou – Elma's ex

According to The Sun, Elma in fact dumped her boyfriend Tommy Hadjioannou right before she entered the villa.

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via Facebook

Chloe Rayner – Tom's ex

Tom is fairly upfront about his last relationship with American and fellow model Chloe Rayner. Tom’s Instagram is full of pictures of the pair looking loved up and wholesome.

In one post, Tom gushed: “Thanks so much for putting up with me and for sharing so many amazing memories.

"You’re beautiful inside and out. I can’t wait to see you, squash this distance and actually be together! Love you.”


Nicole Glynn – Jordan's ex

Jordan has kept his social media relatively free of old flames, but one 2014 Insta shows him with an ex called Nicole.

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via Instagram (@jxrdanhames)

Charlie Frederick – Arabella's ex

Lucie is not the only Islander to have dated Charlie Frederick. The bev originator dated the new arrival Arabella. She even cited her relationship with Charlie as her “claim to fame.”

Charlie was NOT happy about this development and ranted on his Instagram story: “WOW Love Island you wanna have my f***ing life any more?

"Both my exes in the f***ing villa. Madness."

Under an Instagram post announcing Arabella’s arrival in the villa, Charlie commented: “SECRET’S OUT YEAH! F***ing sly as f***.”

What about the Islanders whose exes have kept quiet?

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Anna's ex-boyfriends

Anna claims she'll never meet anyone at her day-to-day job as a pharmacist as they are either too "old" or too "sick".

Whilst Anna's Instagram is largely clear of of men (other than this one pic) which may lead you to think she hasn't had any serious relationships, an ex-lover has been quite vocal about Anna's ambition for being on the show.

The ex-boyf appeared anonymously in The Mirror, saying Anna is well known on the London clubbing scene and will do anything to build a brand while on the show.

The not-at-all-jealous ex said: "I wasn't surprised to see her on Love Island. She'll do anything for attention – she craves fame

"Anna always talked about wanting to settle down, but when it came to it she would never commit to one guy.

"I broke things off with her after a few dates when I found out she was seeing someone else.

"She was really defensive when I confronted her and told me she was single and free to do what she wants and didn't want to be tied down".

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Anna and her sister Mandi

But Mandi, Anna's sister who is rumoured to go on the show, has stood by her sister, maintaining Anna is going on the show to find true love.

She told The Mirror: "Anna is in the villa to find love, she's been heartbroken badly before and I'm hoping the show can restore her faith in love again".

Callum's ex-girlfriends

Callum has previously said he “blossomed as he got older,” and his romantic history involves one particularly sticky date during which a girl had chocolate melted all over her leather trousers. The pair were in a cinema, so she had to scurry off to the loos to sort it out, leaving poor Callum to watch the film largely on his own.

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Young Callum

His Instagram is largely filled with wholesome family pics – to the extent that the only girl he’s pictured alone with is his nan. His tagged photos show him hanging out with his “broskis” (I’m not joking) who are all as jacked as him.

Michael Griffith's ex-girlfriends:

Ah. The hero firefighter. Who are his lost loves? Well apparently no one. Well at least that's what we could make from his social media account.

Michael has talked about his ex saying that the break up was pretty brutal ending with cheating.

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He said: "I think I've cheated once but it was more of a revenge cheat.

"I've had long-term relationships but I think I've had about four or five girlfriends. I've been loyal to all of them apart from one".

Yewande's ex-boyfriend:

Yewande's Insta and tagged pics seem to have been swiped clean of any traces of her past life.

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In an interview with Closer, Yewande admitted that she had been labelled a "psycho" for hacking her ex-boyfriend's social media accounts when she thought he might have been unfaithful.

It turned out Yewande was correct – he was cheating – and she wishes to avoid this kind of fella at the villa.

She said:"I find it really difficult to trust guys, I think that's why I've been single for so long. It's hard to open up to people without thinking everything is going to end in disaster."

Joe Garratt's ex-girlfriend

Joe quickly emerged as one of the stars of the first three episodes of Love Island 2019 and has found himself locked in a tedious love triangle with Lucie and Tommy.

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Joe has confessed to have only had one girlfriend prior to entering the villa. According to The Sun, this was because Joe used to be a chubby boi, but that didn’t stop him from holding onto the relationship for two years.

No evidence of this two-year relationship appears on his Insta.

Sherif Larne ex-girlfriends

A man of mystery Sherif Larne is. There is no evidence anywhere of a past relationship or even a little summer romance.

The so called "semi-pro rugby player" despite having a wandering eye has called himself a "pretty loyal guy". Adding that this loyalty isn't just in relationships but also for friendships.

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Other than that Sherif has not mentioned any ex-girlfriends, although he did claim in episode one he had cheated on someone. We wonder who that poor jilted lover is.

Amy's ex-boyfriends

Amy has openly said she has never had a real boyfriend, and from swiping through her Instagram this appears to be true.

Amy has been linked to Liam Payne though! BUT sadly they never dated – they just met in a club.

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Amy and Liam Payne #1D

Amy has said on the meet: "We were in the VIP bit and so was he and he walked past me and I smiled and he said: 'Hey, you alright? What's your name?'

"He told us to come and sit in his booth and we had a picture together. I put it on Instagram and then my cousin who was twelve and a big One Direction fan put it on her Instagram and suddenly I was on all these international One Direction accounts.

"I was getting hate from 10-year-olds because they thought I was dating him!"

Danny's ex-girlfriends

Danny admitted to Yewande he’d been single for 10 months, but his Instagram is annoyingly clear of pics of any old flames.

Instead, here’s a pic of him being ridden by a Jade from Little Mix.

Giddy up.

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