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Ranked: The Love Island 2019 contestants with the most Instagram followers

They’ve got a storm coming ?

The Love Island 2019 cast list has been announced. After screaming a bit, and staring at them for a while, you will definitely want to look them all up on Instagram. Part and parcel of going on Love Island is expecting your social media to grow by millions. But never forget your roots Islanders. This is how many followers they all have now – before they get all rich and famous and doing tragic sponsored posts every day.

This is a ranking of the contestants' on Love Island 2019 Instagrams, by who has the most followers, lowest to highest.

Sherif Lanre – 12k

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via Instagram @sherif_lanre

Sherif has the least followers out of all 12 Love Island 2019 contestants. The 20-year-old chef and semi pro rugby player is entering the villa with 12k followers. He does only have 13 posts on there. His Instagram handle is @sherif_lanre.

Callum Macleod – 13.5k

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He's the one in pink, via Instagram @callum_macleod

Callum Macleod is the second least followed contestant as it stands. 28-year-old Callum is also the oldest contestant in the starting line-up. He currently has 13.5k followers and his handle is @callum_macleod. His feed is just a bunch of group photos, mainly in clubs and on holidays.

Joe Garratt – 16.4k

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via Instagram @josephgarratt

In 10th is Joe Garratt. On his Instagram page, where he calls himself "The Sandwich Man" he has 16.4k followers. He has that nickname because he owns a catering company. His handle is @josephgarratt.

Anton Danyluk – 19.1k

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via Instagram @anton_danyluk

24-year-old Anton from Scotland has an average 19.1k followers on Instagram. His feed is everything you would expect from a gym owner, a lot of topless selfies and workout videos. His Insta might be cliché AF, but in his Love Island 2019 introduction video he says it's his banter that gets him all the girls, so it doesn't matter. His handle is @anton_danyluk.

Yewande Biala – 18.7k

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via Instagram @yewande_biala

The least followed girl on Instagram out of the Love Island 2019 contestants is Yewande. She has 18.7k followers. She only has 18 posts, and when you search for just her first name she appears sixth on the list. Her handle is @yewande_biala, and someone needs to tell me who her friends are, because they are VERY good at taking candid pictures of her.

Amy Hart – 19.5k

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via Instagram @amyhartxo

Despite being an early rumoured contestant, Amy Hart only has an average amount of followers for this year's contestants. The beauty pageant star and cabin manager for British Airways has 19.5k followers. Her feed is exactly what you would expect from a professional globe trotter – it's exotic, it's colourful and it's enviable. Her Instagram handle is @amyhartxo.

Michael Griffiths – 24.2k

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Michael (left) and Josh Mair from season four, via Instagram @mac_griffiths

In at sixth is Michael Griffiths from London. Despite being a firefighter and looking a hell of a lot like Callum from Ibiza Weekender, he only has 24.2k followers. Surely when more people find out his profession and celeb look-a-like, his follower count will soar. His handle is @mac_griffiths. He also posts a lot of photos with season four's Josh Mair – remember him?!

Amber Gill – 30.6k

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via Instagram @amberrosegill

Geordie gal Amber Rose Gill has 30.6k followers on her Instagram. She's probably not up there in the top three because her bio says: "If you don’t have a sense of humour, go away!" Her Instagram is @amberrosegill, and warning – there's a lot of selfies, and a few cute dog pics.

Curtis Pritchard – 65.2k

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via Instagram @curtispritchard12

Just in the top three is Curtis Pritchard with 65.2k followers. You'd expect Curtis to have a good following – he is on Dancing With The Stars in Ireland and his brother is AJ Pritchard from Strictly Come Dancing. His Instagram handle is @curtispritchard12.

Anna Vakili – 61.7k

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via Instagram @annavakili_

Anna Vakili has been called the "British Kim Kardashian" on her social media, but just falls short of Kim K's 140million followers. Anna has 61.7k followers and her Insta is about 90 per cent bikini pics in Dubai. Her handle is @annavakili_.

Lucie Donlan – 69k

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via Instagram @lucierosedonlan

The most followed Love Island 2019 contestant on Instagram is the surfer girl, who in her introduction video said her best asset is her boobs. Lucie Dolan has just over 69k Instagram followers and her feed is exotic beachy surfing pics. Prepare to go on her page and weep. Her handle is @lucierosedonlan.

Tommy Fury – 69k

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via Instagram @tommytntfury

Another Love Island 2019 contestant you'd expect to have a huge social media following is Tommy Fury. 19-year-old Tommy is the younger brother of boxer Tyson Fury. He's a boxer himself and has 68.6k followers on his Instagram already, making him the most followed boy from the Love Island 2019 cast. His handle is @tommytntfury.

All follower counts were correct at time of publication. Love Island contestant's follower counts are expected to go up A LOT.

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