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We’ve found old pictures of Belle and OH BOY she looks different

I cannot believe what I’m seeing

Belle is a bit of a saint, really. She came in and saved Anton from indefinite singledom just when he was about to give up hope, she gave him an erection by just scratching his neck, and she's shaved his arse. Give this girl the £50k.

Over the last few days, Belle has managed to carve out some screentime for herself to let her personalty shine a bit and people are here for it:

But Belle has changed a fair amount over the years, and we've got the pics to prove it.

We all know Belle entered the villa looking like this:

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via Instagram (@bellehassan)

But in the foggy past of 2015, Belle was rocking this look:

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via Instagram (@bellehassan)

As you can see, Belle has embraced the power of hair dye, and was once a big believer in turtle necks.

There's more, too – check out these older pics:

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via Instagram (@bellehassan)

Clearly that jumper was a favourite of hers. Granted, she's 16 in a lot of these, so it's to be expected her face would be much rounder. Young Belle was also a fan of old school Snapchat filters:

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via Instagram (@bellehassan)

Look at all that pink. Belle's duckface game was also incredibly strong:

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via Instagram (@bellehassan)

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via Instagram (@bellehassan)

These days Belle's hair is much longer and she's made the leap to blonde living:

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Same but different ??‍♀️

A post shared by Belle Hassan (@bellehassan) on Mar 31, 2019 at 9:06am PDT

Belle has also shelved the kissy-face posing of her teenage years, and now smiles with her teeth. She's also become a keen user of eyeshadow and mascara.

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Secrets Out! Belle is on @loveisland @itv2 ??

A post shared by Belle Hassan (@bellehassan) on Jun 27, 2019 at 2:25pm PDT

Belle runs a make-up business, and infamously binned off a bunch of appointments to do the nails of some 16-year-olds for their prom to go on Love Island.

Her dad, Tamer Hassan, is also an actor, and made an appearance as a Dothraki on Game of Thrones. More impressively he was also responsible for this:

Now that Belle is coupled up with Anton, her dad has been in the papers a fair amount, and has gone as far to say he'll do "a Rambo" and kidnap Anton if he puts a foot wrong with her.

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