Love Island Gossip Column: Joe is charging £1 for selfies?!! Plus Callum and Elma went on a date!

A whole English pound!!

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Elma and Callum were spotted on a date?!?!?

Pictures published by The Metro show Elma and Callum “giggling” with a few glasses of wine in a Mayfair restaurant on Friday.

While the pair were never in the villa at the same time, it hasn’t stopped them getting that post-Villa bread: Callum has been posing with car air fresheners, and Elma has been doing the interview circuit, admitting she lied about her age to get into the villa.

Joe Garratt is charging £1 for selfies!!!

Speaking of dumped Islanders making the most of their fleeting fame, Joe has been doing the rounds in clubs up and down the country, and has been charging fans for selfies with him.

According to The Sun, a selfie with Joe costs a hefty one pound, as part of a £4 “bargain package” which covers entry, as well as VIP access and a meet and greet.

The tabloid also says Joe is heading back to Majorca – not to return to the villa and spy on Lucie from the mysterious cupboard – but to make another nightclub appearance.

Is Michael going to ditch Amber???

Footage from the preview of Sunday night’s episode showed Michael planting a steamy kiss on one of the new Islander's necks, and fans are suitably mortified.

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However it didn’t take long for many to point out it was probably part of a challenge commonly rolled out on the first day of Casa Amor. Phew.

One of the Casa Amor girls is STILL charging for make-up appointments

One presumably fuming schoolgirl has claimed she had already paid a £20 deposit for a nail appointment with Belle Hassan, who arrived in the villa on Friday night.

Luisa wrote: “Just looking through IG stories to find the girl who I paid a £20 deposit to do my prom makeup on Wednesday is walking into the love island villa tomorrow. LOVE THAT.”

She later told The Mirror: “I was really excited to have my make-up done by Belle because she's really talented.

"And I was devastated to find out the news on an Instagram story rather than from her herself.”

Luisa is not the only one to have had this problem, quite a few women have tweeted their surprise at Belle’s appearance in the Villa.

According to MakeUpByBelle’s Instagram, deposits are non refundable:

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Whoever has taken control of the account has since cleared things up and said they will be taking over Belle’s appointment while she’s cracking on in the villa.

Lucie’s sister wants viewers to stop being mean about her

After Lucie revealed she’d be open to making a move on Tommy, fans were quick to come for her. The backlash was so severe Lucie’s sister Emily waded in on Instagram to defend her.

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On her story, she wrote: “To hate is one of the weakest things you can do.

"Whether it is to a stranger, friend, or yourself, it is a disservice to who you are. Learn to let go of your insecurities, judgements and begin to appreciate others for who they are…

“Please be better than this internet culture of hate. Be kind, be compassionate. Be human. love you ! @lucierosedonlan.”

This isn’t Lucie’s first brush with controversy – people came for her in a big way when she said she didn’t like being friends with boys.

Yewande continues to throw MAJOR shade at Arabella

It would hardly be the claim of the century to say no one was surprised when Arabella was dumped a whole three days after arriving.

A lot of people were delighted with the result, but none more than Yewande, who streamed her reaction on Instagram with fellow dumped Islander Elma. In the footage, Yewande can be heard saying: "It is what it is."

Amazingly, Yewande and Arabella are set to be reunited on Aftersun on Sunday night.

Will the Islanders ALL hang out on their day off???

We know the Islanders get to spend Saturday chilling in Majorca, although they aren’t allowed to talk about the show. But what happens during the Casa Amor segment? Many are asking whether the entire cast will be allowed to hang out together on their day off.

So far no one from Love Island has answered this incredibly important question.

Molly-Mae’s mum is getting engaged and Molly-Mae is missing it!!

We’ve seen Molly-Mae’s dad on her YouTube channel, but it won’t be until she leaves the villa that she’ll get to discover she’s about to get a stepdad.

According to The Sun, Debbie Hague has been dating Tottenham Hotspurs head of publications, John Rayer, for over two years. M-M will have no idea he’s actually popped the question, though.

Anton’s mum says shaving his arse is ‘the least I can do’

If you didn’t already know Anton’s mum shaved his arse, you obviously haven’t been paying much attention to him on screen, since he brings it up every five minutes. Now his mum has told The Daily Record it’s no different from changing his nappy.

She said: It’s something I do every couple of weeks and it’s no big deal in our house. At the end of the day, I used to change his nappies so shaving his bum is nothing.

“What’s the difference in that and taking a bit of hair away from his backside? We are really close and it’s the least I can do for him.”

Tom has modelled for B&Q toilets and it’s as deliciously tragic as it sounds

After a seemingly endless stream of fuck-ups, Tom was dumped from the villa on Thursday last week. He’s since been posting on his Instagram posing with his London boys and some pints (Joe Garratt commented ??? underneath it, too.)

People have been quick to find Tom’s most hilarious pics from his modelling career, namely the above one of him posing with a B&Q toilet. There’s a comment about symbolism to be made somewhere there ?.

The Independent review of Love Island is still unbearably cringe

Finally, if you want to read Brexit metaphor-laden criticism of Love Island written by people with absolutely no sense of fun, keep an eye on The Independent's regular reviews. This week’s headline: “The sooner it sinks without trace below the warm azure waves of the Balearic, the better.” Yeesh.

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