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What’s actually in the Love Island cupboard? A serious investigation

The producers are in there I’m CONVINCED

The Love Island villa has been full of drama this week but did anyone notice Arabella walking out of a kitchen cupboard?

Seriously wtf? Twitter went into a meltdown because no one could figure out the answer and we’ve never seen this part of the villa before.

Even ex-Made In Chelsea star, Lucy Watson, tweeted about it:

We have SO many questions about the cupboard: Where did Arabella come from when she walked out of it? What was she doing in there? Is it the producers’ secret hide-out? Is it Narnia?

In need of answers, we’ve come up with the maddest theories about the Love Island mystery cupboard:

It’s a secret room where producers tell Islanders what to do

The most popular theory says the cupboard actually leads to a secret place where the Love Island producers tell the Islanders what to do.

Arabella came out of the cupboard and then immediately told Danny she was going to go and “have a chat” with Anna and Amber to sort out their argument from the night before. Did the producers tell her to go and clear the air?

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Later in the episode, Tommy also came out of the cupboard and then pulled Curtis to the roof terrace for their VERY forced bromance chat. Did producers make him go and talk to his “brother”?

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People think the cupboard leads to a room with the Love Island producers, who give the Islanders instructions.

It does all seem suspicious. Last night, two Islanders separately came out of the cupboard, and then immediately went to have important chats that were given a quite lot of air time. There’s definitely something in the cupboard that puts the Islanders in the mood for gossip.

While Arabella’s leaving the cupboard, behind her you can see another door closing. This definitely means the cupboard leads to SOMEWHERE, whether it’s to the producers or not.

The Islanders literally just use it to cry

When Arabella came out of the cupboard, voice of Love Island Iain Stirling joked she’d been “hiding in the cupboard all morning” because she was “scared of Amber and Anna”.

Iain clearly was joking in his voiceover, but what if he was actually trying to send us a secret message and answer all our cupboard-related questions?

Maybe the cupboard takes Islanders to a secret, soundproof room where they can cry, hide, or even just go to get a break from the non-stop drama.

Arabella clearly went into the cupboard to clear her head and get all her anger-tears out, to make sure when she went to go and talk to the girls she’d be cool, calm and collected. Imagine crying in an argument with Anna and Amber. They’d tear you to shreds.

But why was Tommy in the cupboard?

Our guess is he’d been crying about how much he wanted to kiss Curtis, and how they hadn’t spoken in days. That explains why Tommy went straight to talk to him when he left the cupboard.

It’s a hidden passageway to a smoking area

Love Islanders in past series spent their lives chain-smoking in the smoking area. People accused the show of glamourising smoking, because it was given a lot of air time.

Now, the Islanders have to smoke in designated off-screen smoking areas. They have to smoke alone, and have to ask producers before they go for a cigarette.

Some people now think the cupboard leads to this smoking area.

However, others believe the smoking area is out the front of the villa. This is where there’s the big front door and stone path, where dumped Islanders leave to drag their suitcases all the way back to Mallorca airport.

We saw the front of the villa on Monday night, when many speculated Maura was shown going for a cigarette after her argument with Tom.

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After Tom’s fateful words: “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth”, Maura was not happy, and rightly so. After talking to the girls and Anton (and ignoring Tom), Maura then went and listened to what the boys were saying in the bedroom. Iconic.

When Tom left to go and find Maura, she headed outside and was shown sitting down in front of the window. She stayed out there for easily enough time to have a ciggie, so it looks like this definitely could be the villa’s smoking area.

If the smoking area’s outside the front of the villa, then the kitchen cupboard can’t lead to the smoking area. So, what else might it be?

It’s a toilet

The Islanders drink out of their water bottles a hell of a lot, so must constantly need a wee. This would explain why so many people are spotted coming through the door.

There is an outdoor shower, so could there be an outdoor toilet? And more importantly, could this toilet be through the kitchen cupboard’s door?

The Islanders spend literally all day outside, so maybe there’s an outdoor toilet so they don’t have to trek all the way inside seven times an hour.

But then why would there be the second door closing behind Arabella? Does the cupboard take you to a room with two separate doors, maybe for separate boys’ and girls’ loos? And why would they put a toilet right next to the kitchen? That’s not very hygienic.

Joe is in there spying on Lucie

Joe left Love Island last week, but while he was in the villa he was coupled up with Lucie. Many people called his behaviour towards her controlling, manipulative, and full of red flags.

Joe became jealous with Lucie when Tommy chose her to go on a date, and sulked the whole time the two were talking to each other. Lucie and Joe stayed coupled up, while Tommy chose Molly-Mae, but Joe still managed to find things to be aggy about. He even tried to stop Lucie from being mates with other guys, and wanted her to “change”.

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People even compared Joe to Joe from Netflix’s You. Since he’s been out of the villa, Joe has refused to apologise for his controlling behaviour, saying it hadn’t been like that and had been perceived wrongly.

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So, could Joe be in the kitchen cupboard?

Spying on the Islanders from a cupboard would be a very fitting thing for Joe to do. The kitchen is where a lot of the Love Island drama goes down, and the cupboard would be the perfect vantage point to spy on the Islanders (Lucie) on the day beds or by the pool.

In memes, people thought they’d spotted Joe lurking by the pool, but they were wrong!!! He’s clearly lying in the cupboard, spying on Lucie through the planks of wood and making sure she doesn’t get with anyone.

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And how can we explain the other Islanders going into the cupboard?

Lucie’s close with Tommy, so he definitely popped in there to keep Joe updated about her. Arabella would have seen seen other Islanders going in there, so she might have wanted to see what (or who) was in there for herself.

It’s literally just a cupboard

Series two Love Islander Olivia Buckland told Heat there was a “secret” cupboard. Islanders could request things, like alcohol, moisturiser or even Marmite, and the producers could put them in the cupboard.

Olivia reckons the cupboard had two doors, so the producers could put things in through one door and the Islanders could take them out through the other. Sneaky.

Could the cupboard Olivia was talking about be the same one Arabella came out of?

Olivia’s theory is backed up by the second door we could see closing behind Arabella, but this doesn’t answer the question of why Arabella was in there.

It didn’t look like either Arabella or Tommy came out of the cupboard holding anything, so they can’t have been getting food from there. Tommy can’t cook, anyway, so he couldn’t have been grabbing ingredients to whip up a quick omelette.

If they had come through the second door, which Olivia says the producers are behind, then maybe Arabella and Tommy WERE talking to the producers.

It could be a secret shagging spot, which would explain why we haven’t seen any of them actually shagging

Love Island’s full of fit, bored and horny people, who we watch shag all summer long. So why does no one shag in the kitchen cupboard?

It seems like it’s in a prime location in the villa, and looks roomy enough to not even have to shag standing up! Sure, it would mean shagging right in the middle of all the the other Islanders, but they don’t give a shit about this at night so why would they in the day?

The only explanation is that there must be SOMETHING in the cupboard stopping them from shagging – it can’t literally just be a cupboard.

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We all remember in series three when Kem and Amber walked around the ENTIRE villa trying to find a place to shag in the middle of the day. Interestingly, they didn’t even look at anywhere outside, but considered shagging in the girls’ dressing room, behind the Hideaway door, and on the terrace.

Did series three have no kitchen cupboard for them to shag in? Or did Kem and Amber know something we don’t know?

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Clearly Joe couldn’t have been in the cupboard in series three (unless he was lying in wait for Lucie), and in series three they could smoke anywhere so didn’t need it for a designated smoking area.

The cupboard could have been a toilet or a crying room, and maybe Kem and Amber were worried about someone walking in on them? But all the other places they thought about shagging (including the bedroom, where they ended up) are VERY pubic, and they didn’t give a shit about that.

The only explanation, then, is the producers are in the cupboard, directing the Islanders’ every move, as if they’re Sims characters.

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