Love Island Gossip Column: Lucie has a REALLY fit sister!!! Plus Sherif spills the tea on other contestants

Let the real drama begin 👀

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Joe has already been spotted at the airport after being holed up in the Love Island safe house for a day

Fans spotted the 22-year-old Love Island contestant at Palma airport. Joe said he hoped things would work out with Lucie. According to onlookers he seemed "lovely" and "genuinely gutted."

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Lucie has a beach-babe sister and WOW she is fit

Emily Airton, who is Lucie's sister, works as a social media and marketing assistant in Newquay and also freelances as a model.

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They've even done shoots together!

Joe's friends are defending him and blame the producers for portraying him as a "villain"

After Women's Aid issued a statement over Joe's behaviour, his close friends and family have hit back, saying: "After that nailbiting vote, Joe has unfortunately left the Love Island villa.

"Speaking on behalf of Joe’s best friends, we acknowledge Joe will come out to some warranted criticism.

"However, we deem the majority of it to be unfair and non representative of Joe’s true character.

"The producers have the ability to show someone in a particular light, choosing just 45 mins of footage from 24 hours to tell a certain narrative.

"Joe will know he is coming home to the best family and group of friends about. We are all buzzing to see our boy. But from #thesandwichman…. that’s a wrap."

His best friend Max also tweeted this two nights ago:

Joe's mum is gutted and says her son is a "lovely boy"

Speaking to the Mail Online, she said: "I know my son and he’s not like how he’s being portrayed.

"Both myself and his sister are his best friends. He doesn’t emotionally control anyone. What has been said in the newspapers today is just sheer rubbish, that is not my boy.

"I see him every day of the week and there’s no way he would make a girl cry. He’s a normal, loving 22-year-old lad.

"He’s got hundreds of friends, he goes to the gym every day. They all love him. He goes and plays rugby at the local club, they all love him.

"No friend he’s got, boy or girl, nor any of his ex-girlfriends have got a bad word to say about him.

"It’s a real shame this has happened."

Amy has been getting death threats on Instagram

The person running her account posted this three hours ago:

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Be kind, always 💕 #teamamz #loveisland2019

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Sherif has spilled the tea on all the other islanders 👀

After leaving the villa, he told The Sun what he really thought of every contestant:

Anton – “Upbeat and doesn’t like carbs, he ate a lot of veg in the villa.”

Joe – “Energetic and cheeky.”

Lucie – “Bubbly and free spirited.”

Amy – “Someone who shows a lot of motherly love. She was the group’s mother figure.”

Curtis – “Is a father figure and very rational. The mediator of the group.”

Yewande – “She was an older sister figure. Both youthful and mature in spirit at the same time.”

Anna – “A sweet and caring individual.”Amber – “Realistic, very straight talking and funny.”

Michael – “A teacher figure and Nutella and peanut butter fiend.”

Danny – “Smart and composed.”

Callum – “Kind hearted and cool headed.”

Molly-Mae – “Hilarious and chatty.”

Tommy – “Banterous and light hearted. He loved cheese on toast and mayonnaise.”

Elma dumped her boyfriend a few days before going into the villa!!

Her ex boyfriend Tommy was told by Elma she'd stay with him and wouldn't go on the show. A source close to him told The Sun: “Tommy has been left fuming and he’s been telling everyone and anyone how she mugged him off.

“He feels like a mug as she promised to him she wouldn’t leave him and would stay with him.

“Tommy reckons she’s taken the p*** out of him.

"The public are loving her at the moment, but he really wants Elma to be exposed for what she is.”

Sherif's back in London and has already done a tragic sponsored post

Fresh out of the villa, Sherif's already doing sponsored content and surprise! It's for an air freshener! Get that bread Sherif.

Amy's house looks exactly what you'd expect it to look like

So! Much! Grey! Everywhere!

She put up her own picture as the Christmas tree star!!! WHO DOES THAT???

Did anyone notice Curtis wiping at his mouth after kissing Amy at the fire pit?

It was because of Amy's lipstick, not her saliva obvs.

Maura's cringe and sexual Insta posts are something else!!

Turns out Maura's Instagram posts are suuuper basic because she's the type of girl who posts live, love, laugh motivational quotes on a Monday morning. But true to her nature, they're all a little sexual too. You do you babe.

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Can we just talk about Amy's smug face when she found out Joe was going to be dumped from the villa

The shade. Wow.

Tyson Fury has said Love Island will be really good publicity for his half-brother Tommy's professional boxing career

Tyson and his promoter were interviewed by Good Morning Britain and said the publicity Tommy will get from Love Island is probably equivalent of him winning 30 or 40 fights.

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