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Love Island Gossip Column: India is on PornHub!!? Plus even more unrecognisable pics of Molly-Mae

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Welcome to The Tab’s daily Love Island 2019 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web today.

India is on PornHub with her b o o b s out

Three weeks ago, some wrong’un uploaded footage of Amber and Anna twerking to PornHub, where it managed to amass 35,000 views at a 78 per cent approval rating.

This week it’s new girl India’s turn, and fans have found clips from her Zoo photoshoot, as well as a really bizarre video for India preparing a Turkey with the caption “India Reynolds You Are The Turkey.”

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‘You are the turkey’

Concerned Ovie fans have left comments warning him. Upstanding citizen “Barehorneyrn” said: “Ovie needs to leave the sket.”

India PornHub, Jack Fowler, Joanna, Love Island, India, PornHub, gossip column, news, trash, nudes, video, pictures, porn, Instagram, The Sun, Curtis, Amy, Michael, Amber, Maura

The comments were a wild ride

The turkey video has an approval rating of 69 per cent. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

More pictures of Molly-Mae’s modelling career have surfaced and WOW she looks different

We’ve been through Molly-Mae’s transformation before, and yes, owing to the passage of time, 15-year-old Molly-Mae is unrecognisable. This time we’ve got pics from a pro photographer who really has made her look like a different person.

The photographer is called Chris Gay, and his résumé takes in Love Island alumni Alex Bowen, Kendall Rae Knight, and a whole host of insanely fit people.

Chris says there are more shoots with Molly-Mae in the pipeline ?

Amber’s mum HATES Michael and wants her to get with Ovie instead

Speaking on This Morning, Amber’s mum said she hopes Amber doesn’t get back with Michael.

She told viewers: “I don’t think she’ll go back with him, I hope she doesn’t. Because of the whole way I think he’s played it.

“He hasn’t been upfront with her. He’s been a little bit holding himself back, I don’t know whether he’s playing a little bit of a game.

“But I think he should’ve been honest with her when she opened up her feelings to him when they went to that night out.”

Amber’s mum is keen for Amber to crack on with Ovie however, and said: “Amber is a slow burner and I think it takes time for her to warm up to somebody and given time I think she probably will with Ovie, because he’s just been so respectful.

“He’s supported her 100 per cent.”

Clearly, Amber’s mum is on the same wavelength as us.

ITV had an absolutely WILD party and all the dumped Islanders turned up

To wrap up a year of TV, all the stars rolled up for ITV’s summer party. Robbie Williams and his wife were there to represent The X Factor looking like this:

More importantly, a whole host of freeloading dumped Islanders were there too. Elma, Amy, Lucie, Joe, Tom – the list goes on.

Tom did not wear socks to the event, as you can see below:

Elma got carried out, and Amy commandeered the event to celebrate her 27th birthday.

Megan Barton Hanson is dating Demi Sims from Celebs go dating

It was not just dumped Islanders from this year’s series who made appearances at the summer party – Megan Barton Hanson from Love Island 2018 was also in attendance.

The Sun papped the couple holding hands, and even saved the video of Demi grabbing Megan’s bum.

Both Demi and Megan appeared on Celebs Go Dating, but weren’t matched during the show – which is technically a violation of the rules but whatever.

A source told The Sun Online: “Megan and Demi met on the show and have been dating ever since.

“It’s really serious. They like each other a lot and it’s the real deal.

“Of course it’s not the ideal scenario for the Celebs Go Dating bosses as the celebrities aren’t meant to date each other, but it’s happened and they’re not hiding it.”

People are convinced Arabella and Wes are a thing now

Despite being linked to Tom mere days before, Arabella has been photographed with Wes from last year’s series.

According to The Sun, the two share management, as well as a love for fitness.

A source said: “Wes and Arabella are each other’s types and they have great chemistry.

“They went for an intimate dinner last night in London and really hit it off – they have a lot in common after being on Love Island and both loving fitness.

“It’s really early days but there’s undoubtedly a natural connection between them.”

Joanna stayed over at Jack Fowler’s because they’re BFFs apparently

Earlier this week, Joanna returned to British soil without Michael. She was greeted in the airport by Jack Fowler (class of Love Island 2018). Savvy Twitter users were quick to point out the identical stairs in the background of their Instagram stories:

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The pair were later seen in similar Instagram stories that evening

Many speculated the pair were romantically linked, but Jack has since spoken out to clarify the two are really good mates.

He said: “I want to clear this up quickly. I’ve known Joanna since I was 11. So over ten years.

“Once I heard that she was going to go into the villa, naturally I was going to support her. As well as support her when she’s out.

“Her family, friends and myself went to the airport to get her. And that’s it. I went to her house afterwards – she had a family and friends’ barbecue to come home to. I was there.

“That was it. It really isn’t that deep.”

The most popular Islanders according to Twitter have been revealed

A blog called Bet Victor has been nice enough to create a snazzy graph showing which Islanders are the most popular on Twitter.

The data shows Belle is the most popular Islander, followed closely by Ovie. Joanna and Michael were the least popular couple, while Amber and Ovie were the most popular.

Speaking of Amber, she drives the most discussion – there have been over a million tweets about her since the beginning of June, which is quite mad tbf.

Have a play with their graph – it’s really nifty. You know you want to.

Amy is going on Celebs Go Dating AND has scored a job on Loose Women

Despite getting binned off by Curits so awfully she had to leave the villa, Amy has been in dogged pursuit of bread.

After her appearance on the Loose Women panel last week, she’s set to join the show as a guest panelist starting next Wednesday.

She told The Sun: “I’m so excited, I’ve been a fan of Loose Women since I was 12.

“It’s my birthday tomorrow so this is the best present ever. I can’t wait to see the ladies next Wednesday.”

Amy’s also been roped into the next series of Celebs Go Dating, and a source told The Sun Amy’s “bubbly personality” caught producers eyes.

Arabella told all the Islanders the mean things the public was saying about them

Amy says when Arabella arrived in the villa, she broke the rules by telling the Islanders what the public was saying about them.

Amy told OK! Magazine: “They gave their perspective, they weren’t supposed to and they got told off for it.

“Arabella led me to believe that I was absolutely hated, and I may have been at the time, so I feel so lucky to have come out to so much support.”

Car Air Freshener Watch: George succumbs to the fumes

Joining the CarFume peddler Hall of Fame this week is George, following Callum, Elma, Sherif and the iconic Georgia Steel.

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the bottom of a barrel, look below:

You know what they say, you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself selling car air fresheners.

Dan, who was apparently a Casa Amor contestant (???) has also been taken in by the smelly dangly things:

Is anyone safe? (No.)

The final is being shown in cinemas

Even though the final is famously the least entertaining episode of the series every year, cinemas are screening it.

This year, the final is on Monday 29th July. Judging by this iNews story it’s a PR stunt by Showcase Cinemas, but if you live in in Bristol, Manchester, Dublin, Cardiff or Glasgow, knock yourself out.

Tommy was born in 1999, which means you are old as fuck

Tommy was born in October 20 years ago, which means he’s younger than the following things:

• Tamagotchis (1996)

• Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1997)

• Pokémon Red and Blue (1998)

• “Angels” by Robbie Williams (1997)

• The first episode of Spongebob Squarepants (May 1999)

brb, just gonna cry over my mortality x

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