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We need to come together and get Amber and Ovie to win Love Island

The only alternative is Tommy and Molly-Mae and honestly no

Amber and Ovie are the best Islanders in the villa. We all know this. Last night, their powers finally aligned and Amber coupled up with him so that he might one day find love before the show ends. The two celebrated by doing this:

Amazing. These two are obviously really good mates and it’s nice to see they have each others’ backs, but hear me out: What if they stayed together and won the whole goddamn thing? Let me answer this for you. Of course they need to win Love Island. Have you seen how amazing they are? Are you high? Honestly, if they don't win the show there will be riots. And you know what? There should be riots because anything other than an Amber-Ovie victory would be an INJUSTICE.

These two are the only Islanders who deserve it. They’ve given us quality entertainment, weathered the drama, provided memes, and (most importantly) are both really really fit. These things should be encouraged and rewarded, and here’s every reason why these two bonafide 10/10s deserve to win the fiddy thousand:

They are hilarious to watch whether they’re on their own or in a couple

Does anyone else relish the prospect of men approaching Amber? I know I do. Callum was dispatched within minutes, as was Tommy when he tried to crack on with her (remember that?) Last night Chris was deftly dismissed. Amber is dry, witty, and doesn’t take any shit – she's been that way since the start. Given the winner will have to spend even more time on our screens, wouldn’t you rather it be someone who'd provide good value?

Ovie is equally entertaining to watch. His very existence is a bottomless well of incredibly dank memes – so much so you could devote an entire article to them. Twitter goes into meltdown whenever he wears a co-ord, or eats a Tip Top ice lollie, or quotes a niche 90s film. The man is tour de force of good boy energy and would be infinitely better craic on the ITV2 shows he's destined to appear on than most of his fellow Islanders.

This would be a perfect revenge on Michael for what he did to Amber

Sorry but I’m still not over Michael screwing Amber over just when she was starting to properly open up to him, and subsequently gaslighting her to the point of tears. Now he’s coupled up with Joanna and shown himself to be a bit of a dickhead, it’s only a matter of time before he’s booted out of the villa. The only thing that would make his being dumped more vindicating would be Amber going onto win the show without him.

It’s not like Ovie has been massively lucky in love either. His initial coupling with Anna was thwarted by Jordan of all people, and despite initially lashing out, he has since remained respectful and generally unbothered by life.

They are both ridiculously attractive and not enough attention is paid to this

I want you to look very carefully at these pictures and tell me if you can think of anyone fitter than Amber and Ovie:

Most of the chat around Amber tends to focus on how Michael fucked her over, and with Ovie most people like to joke about how chill and weird he is, but it is easy to forget how pretty they are.

At times, you wonder if Amber and Ovie are just selectively bind to each others’ fitness, and most people seem to want them to couple up. But whether these two end up falling for each other or not doesn’t really matter. The point is they are hot and should be celebrated.

One of them would steal the money and no one has done that yet

Despite every couple on Love Island breaking up within six months of leaving the show, no Islander has been ballsy enough to steal the prize money for themselves. Not that this matters, since the winners end up making loads more than that anyway.

But if Amber and Ovie were to win, it would be the perfect chance to recreate this iconic scene from Golden Balls:

Ovie would tell Amber he fully intends to steal the money, leaving Amber no choice but to let him. Then, in the ultimate climax of wholesomeness and friendship power, Ovie would PayPal her £30k, and the pair would fly over the dumpster of car air fresheners to make beaucoup money from their own reality show. I will be watching.

The only alternatives are Tommy and Molly-Mae and honestly FUCK that

Ever since Curtis and Michael decided to brutally cut off their relationships and break down the self esteem of the girls they were coupled up with, Tommy and Molly-Mae were left standing as the sole legitimate couple. As it stands, they’re the only ones with a chance at the prize. As much as Tommy is our national treasure, a win for them would be a win by default.

The villa is in crisis – since there are no stable couples in a position to challenge the boxer-influencer pairing, but if we were voting on which two individuals we liked the most, Amber and Ovie would clean house whether they were in a couple or not.

Besides, do you really want to trust two people who refer to a literal stuffed animal as their child with £50,000? If you do you need to have a serious word with yourself.

The friendships in Love Island are more genuine than the relationships anyway, so it would work

The highlights of this year’s Love Island have undoubtedly been the friendships: Maura and Lucie, Yewande, Anna, and Amber, Molly-Mae and Amy, Anton and literally everyone. Only three semi legit relationships have manifested in the villa, and two of them have crashed and burned – one of them so badly Amy had to leave.

A victory for Amber and Ovie would be a victory for friendship – and would be a fitting end to a series in which NO ONE HAS SHAGGED. Why has no one shagged, Love Island? Give me answers.

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