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Michael has been fully gaslighting Amber and it’s scary

She wasn’t even raising her voice?

Last night we awaited what was supposed to be the most explosive argument in Love Island history. Amber, our resident confrontational queen, had just reentered the villa to discover that Michael had pied her and recoupled with new girl Joanna.

This situation was set to combust. We all expected Amber to go absolutely apeshit on Michael, and rightly so. He had completely blindsided her and embarrassed her in front of the entire nation. But she handled it with total grace and decorum. Michael did not.

In fact, he handled it so badly that 200 people complained to Ofcom accusing him of gaslighting Amber. Women's Aid define gaslighting as "a partner questioning your memory of events, trivialising your thoughts or feelings, and turning things around to blame you".

Here's a detailed breakdown of everything Michael did which was entirely out of order:

He blamed everything on Amber and didn't take any responsibility

God forbid this man take any accountability for his own actions! Before Amber even entered the villa he absolutely rinsed her in his recoupling speech, already on the offensive.

He persistently called her pathetic and childish

He said that his choice was entirely due to her actions, that she made "catty comments" and forced him to "bite his tongue". Honestly if you banned Michael from saying "bite my tongue" during this episode he wouldn't have a leg to stand on or a word to say.

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He never raised any of these issues with her before

According to Michael, he had an issue with Amber's behaviour the whole time. But he didn't take any opportunity during the four weeks they spent together as a couple to raise these issues to her face.

Instead, he kept quiet and waited until it was convenient for him to bring them up. He basically had his head turned and then was floundering desperately trying to justify his snakey actions.

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What he said, and his entire body language, was immediately on the offensive

Maybe he predicted Amber to go off more than she did, but he was so needlessly aggressive with her and it didn't match up to how she was acting at all.

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He told her to stop raising her voice when she was speaking at normal volume

Her voice didn't go up a single decibel last night. He was trying to make her look crazy when she was actually pretty calm.

And never, at any point, did he apologise

Any normal person would have felt guilt or remorse for the girl they've been coupled up with for weeks. We've never seen this side of Michael before and honestly it's a bit scary. He just seems so emotionless toward's Amber's reaction and he didn't even want to try and hear her out.

And his isn't the first time a male Islander has been called out for toxic, near abusive behaviour either. Ex-Islander Adam Collard was accused of gaslighting Rosie last year and Joe Donlan was accused of "controlling behaviour" towards Lucie a few weeks ago.

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