Emily-Jane Heap
Editor of The Exeter Tab

As an asthmatic, seeing people not take lockdown seriously terrifies me

‘Being young doesn’t make you invincible’

Exeter Uni postpones all graduations due to COVID-19

‘Ceremonies could be postponed up to 9 months later’

Exeter Uni finally cancels all classes due to COVID-19

‘We advise you to make plans to go home over the next few days’

Exeter Uni student tests positive for coronavirus

‘The student has not been on campus since March 12 and tested positive at home’

Pennsylvania Court freshers will not be evicted tomorrow to accommodate quarantined students

They may still be evacuated at a later date

Exeter Uni evicts 27 freshers to quarantine students returning from Italy

They have been asked to move into alternative accommodation by tomorrow morning

‘We preach anti-racism but it won’t make a difference to some people’: Exeter students assaulted in racist coronavirus attacks

The assailants referenced the coronavirus during the attacks

Exeter student reveals ‘sickening’ death threats sent from anonymous email accounts

She was called a ‘f*cking wetwipe p*ki’

Exeter lecturer accused of ‘transphobia’ for saying ‘only females menstruate’

Her tweets were condemned by Exeter LGBT+ and Feminist Societies

Exeter Uni denies rumours that students will not graduate due to strike action

‘This will not be the case at Exeter’

PSA: Drinking almond or coconut milk is really, really bad for the planet

‘Almond milk is like sending bees to war’

Firefighters issue warning after microwaveable wheat bag catches fire at Exeter Uni

‘The bag was overheated and left unattended’

Students told to stay inside and keep windows shut as huge fire breaks out on Cowley Bridge Road

The blaze started at a dry cleaners

Homeless drug addict raids Exeter student house and goes on shopping spree

He stole a suitcase to carry his loot

Exeter’s best house Christmas dinners

‘tis the season to eat everything in sight

Exeter uni responds to petition to increase safety measures in the city

New initiatives are being taken to improve student welfare

Exeter has raised more money for Movember than any other Uni, here are our favourite ‘taches

Now please shave them off

We rated the food and drink at the Exeter Christmas market, and here’s our verdict

So much choice

Exeter Uni responds to students occupying Peter Chalk in support of UCU strikes

‘We respect students’ right to protest’

Exclusive: Inside Peter Chalk which is currently being occupied by students supporting UCU strikes

They are planning to occupy the building until next Wednesday