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Editor of The Exeter Tab

Homeless drug addict raids Exeter student house and goes on shopping spree

He stole a suitcase to carry his loot

Exeter’s best house Christmas dinners

‘tis the season to eat everything in sight

Exeter uni responds to petition to increase safety measures in the city

New initiatives are being taken to improve student welfare

Exeter has raised more money for Movember than any other Uni, here are our favourite ‘taches

Now please shave them off

We rated the food and drink at the Exeter Christmas market, and here’s our verdict

So much choice

Exeter Uni responds to students occupying Peter Chalk in support of UCU strikes

‘We respect students’ right to protest’

Exclusive: Inside Peter Chalk which is currently being occupied by students supporting UCU strikes

They are planning to occupy the building until next Wednesday

The most outrageous photos from this year’s Safer Sex Ball

You did not disappoint

Ed Sheeran spotted on Exeter Uni campus

He was watching his wife play hockey

Safer Sex Ball 2019: Exeter’s Best Undressed

Let’s get shipfaced

Exeter gives students in Hong Kong option to return and start final year in 2020

‘Exeter have been really good at taking our opinion into account whilst focusing on our safety’

Over 3,000 sign petition for new safety measures in Exeter after sexual assault

‘For £9,250 a year a shuttle bus to prevent further horrific assaults is a small request’

St Germans Road sealed off by Police after woman is seriously assaulted

The attack happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning

‘The admins of ExeHonestly and Exefess have missed the point’ says Exeter Uni

‘Operating an anonymous page is not the problem, posting racist content is’

These 20 reactions to the end of ExeHonestly will make you weep like a baby

The mourning period begins

The Tab Exeter is looking for writers and we want YOU

You don’t need any experience at all

Exeter Uni says ExeHonestly are responsible for racist posts

They said ‘a 10-second Google search’ would have indicated posts were offensive

91 per cent think ExeHonestly shouldn’t be taken down after allowing racist posts

‘I had no idea those posts were Nazi propaganda, so why should they?’

‘Doesn’t everyone have a trust fund?’: The 27 poshest things ever heard in Exetah

‘I laughed so hard my loafer flew off and broke the chandelier’

‘We’re not responsible for any crime’: ExeHonestly admins respond to racism controversy

They have criticised the University’s response