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Fire Brigade called to Point Exe after fresher sets fire to kitchen

She was trying to cook a steak

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Exeter student jailed for eight months over fake gun threats

He received an eight month prison sentence

Exeter student faces jail over fake gun threats

He’s been told to expect a custodial sentence

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The Impy is getting birds of prey to help combat the rabid seagull problem

They’ve been terrorising customers

How to deal with new relationship anxiety, because it can be scary af

Welcome to hell

Scottish unis will offer guaranteed places to care leavers

They just need to meet the minimum entry requirements

Sleeping with a fan on at night is actually really bad for you

Sorry to break it to you

This is why you can experience sleep paralysis after a big night out

Sleep paralysis can make you hallucinate and think someone is in the room with you

This is why the Islanders are doing less sponsored content this year

It turns out there’s actually a reason

This is exactly how much money the Islanders will earn per Instagram post

They don’t need the £50k

Exeter student charged with fake gun threats pleads not guilty

The trial is due to start in September

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Pret is giving away FREE iced coffee on Friday

And there’s no catch

Someone poisoned the Guild’s water supply with floor cleaner and body lotion

Police are investigating