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This is how much money Ovie makes outside the Love Island villa

Wow, he’s definitely in it for love not money

Since entering the Love Island villa, Ovie Soko has won our hearts. He's a meme king, ridiculously good looking and genuine good value in the villa. But he's not just winning over the nation, he's winning at life. His net worth is CRAZY.

In the headlines challenge on Love Island last night, an article was shown that suggested India Reynolds, who Ovie is coupled up with, is only with him "for the money".

The headline was obviously referring to the 50k prize money at the end of the show, but sweet prince Ovie began to have second thoughts as he said girls in the past were only interested in him for his money. This got everyone thinking the same thing – how much does 6ft 7 basketball player Ovie Soko earn?? What is the salary of a world famous sports player??

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Ovie with India Reynolds on Love Island

He said: "Cos I’m an athlete women have come after me for my money. To have money bruv, it’s lonely as fuck."

He then told Amber: "Today’s challenge threw me out. It triggered something for me, it's a lot deeper than people would realise.

"As a basketball player, 90 per cent of the things I wouldn’t change about my job for the world. But the only thing I would change is just the fact that people use you a lot.

"They’ll use you then they’ll throw you away."

Ovie Soko's basketball career so far

Ovie's career has been so successful he has his own Wiki page. Ovie was born in Epsom, UK and moved to America for High School where he began his basketball career.

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via Instagram @oviesoko

He went to the Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia. As a junior, Ovie played at Hampton Roads Academy.

He continued playing basketball into his college career. He played for University of Alabama, Birmingham (UAB) for UAB Blazers men's basketball team. He then transferred to The Duquesne Dukes team at Duquesne University.

In his professional career he has played for Boulazac (in France), Aries Trikala (in Greece) and Murcia (in Spain). Yeah, he's pretty good.

Ovie Soko net worth outside of the Love Island villa

According to The Squander, basketball player's annual income can range between $20,000 and millions of dollars depending on a number of factors.

The site says the current Ovie Soko net worth in 2019 is approximately $35 million. Which is A LOT, wow. If I'm honest, I'm not sure I can quite believe this??!!

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via Instagram @oviesoko

According to Realitytitbit, his salary from basketball alone is thought to be in the region of £100,000 to £200,000 a year. He also does sponsorship and modelling, so he could potentially make a lot more than that.

How much Ovie is estimated to make after Love Island

Since entering the Love Island villa, Ovie has started a new career in itself. Ex-Islanders make thousands from sponsorship deals, endorsements, interviews and personal appearances.

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Ovie on Love Island

With his Instagram at the amount of followers he has right now (909k), Ovie could earn up to £3,003 per post.

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