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Meet Joanna Chimonides, the uni grad turning Michael’s head in Casa Amor

Her ex is not a happy bunny

It's happening, Casa Amor is back on Love Island. And in Casa Amor, they don't come to play around – they come to turn heads. One new Islander doing just that is Joanna. She has Michael's head doing a full 560 degree turn. Here's all you need to know about Joanna Chimonides, the latest Love Island bombshell breaking hearts.

Here's everything we know about the Love Island new arrival, Joanna Chimonides:

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via Instagram @joannachimonides

Joanna Chimonides is from London

Joanna's social media is quite private, she doesn't give much away other than she is currently living in London. Her Instagram before she entered the Casa Amor villa had just over 3,600 followers.

She's a Leicester University grad

Joanna went to University of Leicester and graduated last summer.

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via Instagram @joannachimonides

Her ex is England and Leicester City footballer Ben Chilwell

Joanna ex-boyfriend is Leicester City and England defender Ben Chilwell. He is NOT happy about her appearing on Love Island. A source has told The Sun: "Ben has been left furious by her going on the show even though he dumped her at the end of last summer because he wanted to be single.

"They had stayed good friends until when she told him she was going on Love Island.

"She thought Ben was partying too much and he thought she was the right person at the wrong time."

Both Joanna and Ben have wiped all evidence of each other from their social medias.

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via Instagram @joannachimonides

Apparently she has been approached by Love Island producers before

An insider told The Sun Joanna was approached by Love Island producers when she was still with Ben, but she declined.

She was also apparently meant to be on the original line up for this year's cast, but wasn't.

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via Instagram @joannachimonides

Joanna describes herself as honest and empathetic

She said: "I’m overly honest but sometimes it gets me in trouble. I like to say things as they are, there’s no game playing with me.

"My three best personality traits are that I’m empathetic, I’m very bubbly so people feel comfortable around me and I’m intriguing. I look like the type to be stuck up but actually I’m nice!

"My worst personality traits are that I’m impulsive – I act on emotions when I should take a step back and think instead of reacting straight away. My honesty can also be a downfall, I’m far too honest and sometimes I should keep my mouth shut."

Will she have some empathy towards Amber?!

She would rate her looks a seven out of 10

She said: "I’d say I’m a seven out of 10. My best feature is my nose, I’ve got a cute button nose and everyone compliments me on it."

Before she entered the villa, she didn't even have eyes on Michael!!!!!

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Joanna said she had her eyes on Anton and Tom. She said: "With Anton I find his personality so attractive and he’s got banter, so I think we’d connect. Tom is my type and what I usually go for looks-wise so I’m hoping his personality matches his good looks.

"The perfect guy to me is someone who will give their all in a relationship and someone who has got a bit of banter and who is selfless."

Joanna actually thinks she would get along well with Amber

Before she entered the villa she said: "I reckon I’ll get on with Molly-Mae because we’re both young, fun and bubbly. I can see that she stands up for what she believes in, like me. I think I’ll get on with Amber too because we are both straight up."

Well this is awkward.

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