The Punt Sessions

TabTV's brand NEW Punt Sessions kicks off.

Introducing TabTV’s new Punt Sessions.

Kicking us off are James, Tom and Josh playing a cover of Bedouin Soundclash’s When the Night Feels My Song. We’re really pushing the boat out.

Many thanks to

And Declan of Cambridge Strolls

Produced By Poppy Damon

Directed by Max Toomey

Edited by Max Toomey and Ashleigh Maly

Camera: Agatha Stern and Paul Melvin


  • This works

    so well

  • so

    this is why Mcauley’s been missing lectures perpetually.

    • its hard

      maintaining a bnoc status

  • The Toomster


    • Come on now Max,

      I just saw you write that

  • Just look at

    Dat hair

  • Completely Sincere

    Best thing on the tab for years

  • josh’s fro

    can’t believe the bastards cut my hair solo.

  • More

    like cunt sessions!

  • The Toomster

    It was fucking sunny

  • Hey

    Isn’t that the guy from WhichMayBall?

  • Simon Johnson

    These guys and their full band should be doing mayballs #blukubluku #denchguys

    • This Is Cambridge


      • That is Bogle

        Don’t expect much.

    • BJ

      Bogle’s got a pretty good alibi for this comment

  • Genuine

    Absolutely excellent.

    • Hi Frances,

      Can I have the lasagne please?

  • Frances Harman

    Nice 1 every

  • Anonymous

    Surprised at how good this is

  • ex-schoolmate

    Upgrade from the Douglas Academy talent show!

  • this

    is a next level hype. lets have more of it tab

  • tbh

    i never knew the lyrics to this song before now

  • francis harman

    like no i luv sxccc

  • This is..

    My favourite thing on the tab :) You guys are great < 3

  • This is..

    The best thing I’ve ever seen on the tab :) You guys are great < 3

    • Tom Gough

      Oh my. I’m blushing!

  • TopNotch

    been singing this all day

  • Punting tekkers

    Pretty low quality.

  • That Ukele guy,

    Is a tasty piece of ass

  • the ukulele guy’s meaty forearms strum with such raw sex appeal

    I love the way,

  • Emmanuel Frimpong

    I quite like this.

  • Critic

    Poor lyrics. Nice harmonies

  • Critic 2

    Did you really need to count in for the drummer to begin?

  • Emile Heskey

    Top work

  • Terry Showers

    Nice appearance of the Scudamore’s Punting Company Chauffeurs at 1:18! Great song… keep up the good work!

  • Students

    You mean Scudamore’s, the over priced monopolists whose touts get in the way the entire time and are really rude?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the ones with the touts in smart uniforms, stuck to their locations rather than wondering around Kings Parade. :)

  • Terry Showers

    Yes, the ones with the touts in smart uniforms, stuck to their locations rather than wondering around Kings Parade. Better than the scruffy lout lot and a bit more handsome too! :)

  • Terry Showers

    PS There are 18 registered punting companies in Cambridge.. so monopoly.. I think not! More like SME… try looking up your business definitions ‘Students’ 😛

  • just got a ukulele

    to play this

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