The Punt Sessions

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TabTV's brand NEW Punt Sessions kicks off.

Introducing TabTV’s new Punt Sessions.

Kicking us off are James, Tom and Josh playing a cover of Bedouin Soundclash’s When the Night Feels My Song. We’re really pushing the boat out.

Many thanks to

And Declan of Cambridge Strolls

Produced By Poppy Damon

Directed by Max Toomey

Edited by Max Toomey and Ashleigh Maly

Camera: Agatha Stern and Paul Melvin


  • This works

    so well

  • so

    this is why Mcauley’s been missing lectures perpetually.

    • its hard

      maintaining a bnoc status

  • The Toomster


    • Come on now Max,

      I just saw you write that

  • Just look at

    Dat hair

  • Completely Sincere

    Best thing on the tab for years

  • josh’s fro

    can’t believe the bastards cut my hair solo.

  • More

    like cunt sessions!

  • The Toomster

    It was fucking sunny

  • Hey

    Isn’t that the guy from WhichMayBall?

  • Simon Johnson

    These guys and their full band should be doing mayballs #blukubluku #denchguys

    • This Is Cambridge


      • That is Bogle

        Don’t expect much.

    • BJ

      Bogle’s got a pretty good alibi for this comment

  • Genuine

    Absolutely excellent.

    • Hi Frances,

      Can I have the lasagne please?

  • Frances Harman

    Nice 1 every

  • Anonymous

    Surprised at how good this is

  • ex-schoolmate

    Upgrade from the Douglas Academy talent show!

  • this

    is a next level hype. lets have more of it tab

  • tbh

    i never knew the lyrics to this song before now

  • francis harman

    like no i luv sxccc

  • This is..

    My favourite thing on the tab :) You guys are great < 3

  • This is..

    The best thing I’ve ever seen on the tab :) You guys are great < 3

    • Tom Gough

      Oh my. I’m blushing!

  • TopNotch

    been singing this all day

  • Punting tekkers

    Pretty low quality.

  • That Ukele guy,

    Is a tasty piece of ass

  • the ukulele guy’s meaty forearms strum with such raw sex appeal

    I love the way,

  • Emmanuel Frimpong

    I quite like this.

  • Critic

    Poor lyrics. Nice harmonies

  • Critic 2

    Did you really need to count in for the drummer to begin?

  • Emile Heskey

    Top work

  • Terry Showers

    Nice appearance of the Scudamore’s Punting Company Chauffeurs at 1:18! Great song… keep up the good work!

  • Students

    You mean Scudamore’s, the over priced monopolists whose touts get in the way the entire time and are really rude?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the ones with the touts in smart uniforms, stuck to their locations rather than wondering around Kings Parade. :)

  • Terry Showers

    Yes, the ones with the touts in smart uniforms, stuck to their locations rather than wondering around Kings Parade. Better than the scruffy lout lot and a bit more handsome too! :)

  • Terry Showers

    PS There are 18 registered punting companies in Cambridge.. so monopoly.. I think not! More like SME… try looking up your business definitions ‘Students’ 😛

  • just got a ukulele

    to play this

  • Do your research

    This may be new data but this has been an established finding in the literature since 2001…

  • J

    Only ~60% of applicants to Oxford were from state schools…

  • ohhh

    Unsurprising as state school students got here through hard work and natural intelligence rather than spoon feeding #justsayin #allthinkingit #soz

    • .

      Clearly not enough “natural intelligence” to get into a private school, though…

      • Scared and confused

        Not sure if serious or just mind blowingly dumb.

      • ohhh

        lol what? Do you understand how private schools work? Granted some have scholarship schemes but this is a small percentage of private schools and a further small percentage of the student population

        • .

          It’s not a small percentage of private schools, it’s all private schools. That’s how they manage to attain the charitable status that state school pupils are constantly whining about. If you’re clever enough to get in, you’ll get in. It’s as simple as that.

          • damn you’re silly

            Ever tried getting a full scholarship at a London private school? it ain’t easy i’ll tell you that.

      • bob

        1. Rarely are they full scholarships

        2. It’s a small number because those who buy their way in use most spaces

        3. explain this article then

        4. saying “It’s as simple as that.” isn’t a logical point.

        • .

          No, the people who take up virtually all of the spaces are the people who pass the exams; we’re not talking about Prince Harry here. This article needs to explain itself, as it takes no account of subjects studied at either A-level or university. It’s a lot easier to get an A* or a 1st in some subjects, and at some institutions, than others.

    • Alex

      There is an assumption that due to the fact that fees are paid for private schooling that it makes them better schools, which is obviously not the case all of the time. I also don’t understand the ‘spoon-feeding’ argument, given that all pupils study roughly the same syllabus. The difference between state and private schools can mainly be seen through the extra-curricular side and not the academic side.

  • Truth

    The simple reason for this is that a higher proportion of state school pupils study useless, easy A-levels, and go on to study useless, easy subjects at shit unis that hand out degrees like flyers.

    • Snoop

      Nah, but keep telling yourself that if it makes your feel better. Do a brief survey of any poxy ‘event management’ class and you’ll find quite the opposite is true.

      • Paul

        Do a brief survey of any state school and you’ll struggle to find half a brain cell to analyse.

        • THIS GUY ^


        • wow

          Both comments from Truth and Paul are pathetic. I clearly didn’t use any brain cells when doing a very useful degree after getting an A* in chemistry and biology at A-level. I suppose you are classing courses like English or history etc as “useless”. No degree is useless if the person enjoys it and I don’t know where you are getting the idea that those courses are only reserved for the poor people when more than half of my public school friends do subjects like that. State school kids work hard because they have to learn it all by themselves, teachers don’t give them half the guidance they need so they have to rely on their own motivation to do well. Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you are stupid, just unlucky for being born into the wrong social class where mummy and daddy can’t afford your public school fees.

  • ..

    Why is there still a divide between state and privately educated students? Whether your parents decided to pay for your education or not has little to do with how an individual will work towards a degree. It’s likely to be matter of coincidence, unless there is conclusive evidence that points to the way in which the two are educated differently and how that correlates to degree results. Bullshit divisions need to stop.

  • Don’t shoot the messenger

    Our dads may work for their dads, but they’re going to work for us.

  • unfortunate that

    lower offers for state school students could just lead to higher income families strategically sending children to state schools for secondary school or even just sixth form – especially worrying in areas with good state schools/grammar schools with high house prices in catchment areas etc, and many students at such state schools with parents wealthy enough to send them to private schools if they chose to. really don’t think this is a wise response to the nation’s education issues – reactionary and short-term as ever, treating the symptoms not the cause

  • Lucy

    confused as to how Exeter admits to accepting state school kids with lower A levels- I was offered a place for a*aa having come from a state school, what did you private school people get offered?

    • J

      I came from a state school and was offered BBB to get on Mechanical Engineering.

  • Anon

    Yet more pointless shit stirring by The Tab. It doesn’t even apply to Exeter as the 8% difference is for students who obtained BBC grades..

  • OAC

    Very few people seem willing to admit the obvious. Intelligence comes through genes. For better or worse, more intelligent people generally make more money. It therefore shouldn’t be surprising that those who go to private school are on the whole more intelligent, not just more privileged. It therefore isn’t surprising that more private school students get into the top public school. I personally went to an inner city day school so have agenda; just trying to remind me people of an established school of genetics. I realise that the point of the article is that state school students tend to do better than the private school counterparts, this post is more a response to some of the other commenters who are arguing that the high number of public school students here is ridiculous.

  • Pathetic.

    Seriously? Who actually cares? Why not stop pandering to a pathetic divide in students, and instead just simply celebrate results?

  • PHLN

    Having left a private school to go to a non private college due to subject choices, I can tell you with my hand on my heart that a private school offers 100 times more to it’s pupils than its state funded rivals. State schools work on a theory that the harder they push you into the content the better. Even if you don’t learn well that way. I’m not saying that state school teachers are bad but the way the education system stands at present is fundamentally out of touch with what helps students learn best. In general private schools are less like this because they are not required to follow the national curriculum and therefore can create a learning environment that works better for their pupils. State schools don’t have this flexibility.

    All of this said, I really don’t see why there are articles that encourage the mindset of class division in university. All the students are there ultimately for the same reason. And how can you say that state school or private school pupils do better at university? Everyone has different learning strengths and levels of motivation. This article just promotes oneupsmanship between private and state school pupils. What’s the point?

  • Willis croft

    Here ye

  • Bore off

    Who actually cares anymore?

  • Anon

    This is bollocks. How is this meant to make people stop fretting over exams? Claiming that a 2:2 is a “shit” degree is juvenile, narrow-minded and frankly really damning.

    • Dennis Bergkamp

      lighten up for f*cks sake

    • get to work

      a 2:2 is shit

  • Oh dear

    if you write history essays as badly as you write Tab articles you’ll definitely be ending up with a shit degree

    • The Author

      Shit really??? I’ve got an essay in for Monday – I assume you must know a lot about this sort of stuff, could you share some pearls of wisdom? Fb me later, I assume you know me as you are aware of my degree. Really grateful mate x

      • The Ambitious Fisherman


        • The Author

          fair cop

  • Weary

    Please, please, please… I beg you to just spellcheck your articles before you post them. Typos and grammar mistakes abound and it’s so distracting on an otherwise shit article. Maybe it’s a tactical effort to divert attention away from this dross?

    • Pedant

      it’s an average article but don’t see any spelling mistakes to be fair

  • Gareth Southgate

    Plus anyone who went to a poly. Take a 3rd at a good university over a 1st at Liverpool John Moore’s any day.

  • Alexander MIchael Nugee

    I’d J.K all over Rowling despite her academic failings.

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  • Ben

    lol who do you work for mate

  • George

    It actually takes about the same amount of time to walk from Hyde Park to the edge of campus as it does to walk from town to campus. Depending on which building you need to be at it doesnt make that much difference.

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  • C

    Surely if the state school student had the ability to get into the intensive programme in the first place, after most likely having a less privileged level of teaching and personal tutoring to achieve the grades required, then they would in fact have at least as good as/if not better chance of also excelling at university? They will have had more experience of self-teaching from an early age which is a skill that is clearly applicable to university, that those from private schools who may have been treated to a bit more “spoon-feeding” may not have acquired.

  • B

    You’re right, but that’s because they’ve been raised in an environment where people actually work for a living.

  • LPLP

    Are you kidding? The only “wider education” a state school is going to offer its pupils is how to abort a pregnancy and what to do when someone gives you drugs.

  • 2nd Year Chemist UEA

    As far as I am aware, she only suffered minor burns and grazes, with shock mainly being the biggest thing to affect her. (I was in the lab, and many of our demonstrators are her friends, so checked up on her)

  • James

    In a 6 bed LS1 flat costing £90 a week, bills included. Suck your own thin short one.

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