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Max Toomey
Cambridge University


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Review: Kings’ Bunker

MAX TOOMEY gives 4 stars to a great and varied night with small flaws that can so easily be improved on

Academics Take On Trenton’s Troubles

A petition, signed by Cambridge students and academics has called upon the Home Office to halt the deportation of Boat Race protester, Trenton Oldfield

Student’s Stunt Splits College Vote

An impressive stunt mimicking John Claude Van Damme’s split has boosted the election prospects of a student campaigning to be Jesus College’s JCR Vice-Prez.


SCHOOL’S OUT! Picket lines are going to be forming outside your lecture halls. The Tab brings you the latest.

Russell Howard to Headline Howler

Russell Howard, from off of the telly, will be headlining the Wolfson Howler tomorrow evening, The Tab can exclusively reveal.

Benga Headlines Bangin’ Freshers’ Line-Up

Benga, one of the founding fathers of dubstep, is set to play in Cambridge at new night, Freshly Baked, during Freshers’ Week.

King’s Affair 2013

MAX TOOMEY loved the variety of ents at an action packed King’s Affair.

Rudimental set to play John’s May Ball

Rudimental and AlunaGeorge will be the headline acts at the 125th St John’s May Ball.

Love on the Overheard

Exams are (almost) over and love is in the air again, as one man takes to Overheard at Cambridge in pursuit of true love.


Sitting, chatting and eating ice creams: shame of Cambridge students as Jesus Green plays host to a gargantuan piss-up.

Dalai Lama Descends on Cambridge

Dalai Lama talks about global compassion, the importance of moral education and magic bullets. All in a day’s work!

Mastermind Comes to Cambridge

Mastermind is holding auditions in Cambridge in a fortnight’s time. Go on, do your uni proud.

Hacker Pleads Guilty To Uni Web Page Hack

Cyber attacker Lewys Martin who pleaded guilty to Cambridge Uni web attacks also claims attacks on Pentagon & NASA.

Glasgow Sexism Scandal – The Tip of the Iceberg?

The Tab talks to the Union President, Debating Officer and a judge at the competition in Glasgow to assess the incident’s wider implications.

The Punt Sessions: Sophie Jamieson – Part 2

TabTV brings you Sophie Jamieson’s second song with The Punt Sessions.

The Punt Sessions

TabTV spent the day on the Cam in the freezing cold with the fantastic and lovely Sophie Jamieson.

TabTV Inside: A Day With The EDL

NICK HARRIS and MAX TOOMEY wanted to see what the EDL was really like. Here’s what happened when they spent a day inside the Cambridge protest.

TabTV does RAG blind date

TabTV went to the Vaults to see how your dates were going.


After heated clashes outside the Union, MAX TOOMEY recounts the story from inside the chamber.

UPDATE: Oxford Union Respond To Assange

Oxford Union respond to Assange and boost The Tab’s ego by calling us ‘cute’.

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Takes On Oxford Union

Julian Assange is back in the headlines after WikiLeaks accuses the Oxford Union of censorship.

WikiLeaks takes on Union

Julian Assange is back in the headlines after WikiLeaks accuses the Oxford Union of censorship.

*unts in *ambridge: Itchy Feet

The *unts are in town. Be ready.

Want To Present The Lola Lo Down?

Think you have what it takes to present the Lola Lo Down? Send a sample video to [email protected].

Le Rag Blind Date

Salut! We present Le RAG Blind Date!

The Lola Lo Down – Refreshers

New term, same drunk students. The Lola Lo Down is back.

The Lola Lo Down – Royalty

Chloe Harris gets the Lola Lo Down on the Royals.

Burlesque Nights

Pole dancing, corsets and sugar highs. TabTV got a sneak peak of the sexiness and surrealism of Burlesque.

The Lola Lo Down on Superheroes

TabTV’s Chloe Harris heads to Lola Lo’s to find out what kind of a superhero you’d be.

TabTV Tries Unicycling

After seeing the guys who unicycle to lectures, Sam Martin, fancied a go. Well he didn’t at all but we forced him to.

TabTV talks to Paul Foot

TabTV’s Chloe Harris has a chat with Comedian Paul Foot self described “one of the world’s comedians”

Tab Tries – MMA

GUY LINCH and SAM MARTIN try Mixed Martial Arts for TabTV.

TabTV gets Lost

TabTV gets Lost with RAG