poppy damon

Poppy Damon: Vlog 2

POPPY is back with her brand new vlog and all the advice you could possibly need on avoiding revision and getting that much coveted 2:2.

The Polis

While it may not have been particularly ground-breaking, OLI THICKNESSE enjoys an evening of hard-hitting political theatre.


HANNAH MIRSKY is impressed by an evening that tries to take the pretension out of poetry.

Poppy Damon: Vlog 1

In her first video column POPPY DAMON lets off some steam. This week’s target: Beyoncé.

Tab Tries: Cheerleading

Saul Boyer tries jumps, leaps and pom poms with the Cougars, Cambridge’s Cheerleading Squad.

The Punt Sessions

James, Tom and Josh return with a cover of McFly’s ‘All About You’.

Glasgow Sexism Scandal – The Tip of the Iceberg?

The Tab talks to the Union President, Debating Officer and a judge at the competition in Glasgow to assess the incident’s wider implications.

The Punt Sessions

TabTV’s brand NEW Punt Sessions kicks off.

Le Rag Blind Date

Salut! We present Le RAG Blind Date!

TabTV Tries Unicycling

After seeing the guys who unicycle to lectures, Sam Martin, fancied a go. Well he didn’t at all but we forced him to.

Vintage Wheres

POPPY DAMON popped around the best vintage shops in Cambridge, and assembled two outfits – all for under £15.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

POPPY DAMON interviews Jerry Springer and finds more than just stories of bestiality lies behind his pretty face…