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Student’s Stunt Splits College Vote

An impressive stunt mimicking John Claude Van Damme’s split has boosted the election prospects of a student campaigning to be Jesus College’s JCR Vice-Prez.

2 Or 3 Things I Know About Jelly Wrestling

Jelly wrestling is a fine continuation of an ancient tradition and should not be suppressed by spoilsport feminists, argues A SENSITIVE SCHOLAR.

Dalai Lama Descends on Cambridge

Dalai Lama talks about global compassion, the importance of moral education and magic bullets. All in a day’s work!

Hacker Pleads Guilty To Uni Web Page Hack

Cyber attacker Lewys Martin who pleaded guilty to Cambridge Uni web attacks also claims attacks on Pentagon & NASA.

CUAFC: The Crossbar Challenge

SAM HOBBS films CUAFC trying their hand at the Crossbar Challenge. If this doesn’t frighten Oxford, nothing will.

Interview: A Sensitive Scholar

CLAUDIA LEONG interviews the insensitive ‘Sensitive Scholar’, whose witty Tab comments are as ubiquitous as bicycles in Cambridge, or Middle Eastern dictators.

The Punt Sessions

James, Tom and Josh return with a cover of McFly’s ‘All About You’.

Glasgow Sexism Scandal – The Tip of the Iceberg?

The Tab talks to the Union President, Debating Officer and a judge at the competition in Glasgow to assess the incident’s wider implications.

The Punt Sessions: Sophie Jamieson – Part 2

TabTV brings you Sophie Jamieson’s second song with The Punt Sessions.

The Punt Sessions

TabTV spent the day on the Cam in the freezing cold with the fantastic and lovely Sophie Jamieson.

TabTV Inside: A Day With The EDL

NICK HARRIS and MAX TOOMEY wanted to see what the EDL was really like. Here’s what happened when they spent a day inside the Cambridge protest.

TabTV does RAG blind date

TabTV went to the Vaults to see how your dates were going.


After heated clashes outside the Union, MAX TOOMEY recounts the story from inside the chamber.

Le Pen Protest Outside Union

A large number of protesters gather outside the Union to show their opposition to Marine Le Pen’s appearance this afternoon.

The Punt Sessions

TabTV’s brand NEW Punt Sessions kicks off.

UPDATE: Oxford Union Respond To Assange

Oxford Union respond to Assange and boost The Tab’s ego by calling us ‘cute’.

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Takes On Oxford Union

Julian Assange is back in the headlines after WikiLeaks accuses the Oxford Union of censorship.

*unts in *ambridge: Itchy Feet

The *unts are in town. Be ready.

The Lola Lo Down – School Dayz

Now that you’re all grown up, what do you remember about your time at school? CHLOE HARRIS finds out.

Le Rag Blind Date

Salut! We present Le RAG Blind Date!