PUNT WARS: Battle of the barge poles

The next chapter in the Cambridge ‘Punt Wars’ saga has emerged, with human rights and civil liberties now being invoked.

How to end term with a bang


If it’s crap, the only way out is wet

This week, ELINOR LIPMAN goes punting for the first time

Out, Tout! Private College Tours Causing Chaos

Forget punting: touts are now offering sneak peeks of college life

Tab Tries: One Night Stand

CHARLIE DOWELL reveals all in his guide to getting the most out of your one night stand.

Punt Sessions: Frank Turner

This week, we welcome aboard legendary folk punk musician Frank Turner.

Punt Sessions: Josh Wilson

Punt Sessions is back! This week we go downstream with the incredible Josh Wilson.


TabTV’s second video of the amazingly talented Nick Mulvey

Hit-and-Punt Shunt

The river yobs strike again as a child’s finger is broken on the Cam. LOUIS DURKAN reports.

The Punt Sessions: Bridie McPherson

Bridie McPherson’s beautiful rendition of ‘You’re Just Too Good To Be True’ comes to TabTV.

The Punt Sessions: Sophie Grant

Sophie Grant performs the beautiful ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ as The Punt Sessions returns to TabTV.

The Punt Sessions: Sophie Jamieson – Part 2

TabTV brings you Sophie Jamieson’s second song with The Punt Sessions.

The Punt Sessions

TabTV spent the day on the Cam in the freezing cold with the fantastic and lovely Sophie Jamieson.

The Punt Sessions

TabTV’s brand NEW Punt Sessions kicks off.

James Mitchell

JAMES MITCHELL can’t stand libraries, but at least his high score on Temple Run is impressive.

Totally Punted

Cantabs are in uproar over a move by Cam Conservators to ban punting under the influence.

PUNT WARS II: Conservators Strike Back

River chiefs are cracking down on illegal punting companies, which will be banned from operating on the Cam next year.

Boats Sunk As Punt Wars Resume

Thugs have used concrete to sink two punts worth £10,000, raising fears of an escalating ”turf war” between rival operators.

Cambridge to Oxford Charity Punt

While most students will be sleeping off the excesses of May Week, four Cambridge students will be setting off on a 200 mile, 12 day long punt trip.

Unwelcome Invaders

Punting in Cambridge is under threat by an onslaught of a dangerous river weed.