Camshots: The Guys

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TOMMY SHANE turns the spotlight back on sexy guys, because the girls have hogged it for too long. Even a prof has got involved.

You may have the fear of the rear of the year, but the boys are back to show that they haven’t been put off posing for The Tab – at least with their clothes on.

This term many have opted for the academic look, perhaps to boost their self-esteem in light of exams. But there was also a bit of pineapple-flamboyancy, in a diverse selection of undergrads, postgrads, and even a professor. But don’t forget, these guys are not sex objects. They just wear awesome clothes. And in the name of sexual equality, we will of course be publishing a girl counterpart next week.

Enrico, 2nd year archaeologist

Alex, 3rd year classicist at Girton

Charlie, PHD in Anthropology at King’s

2nd year student studying EDE

Max, 2nd year Land Ec student at Downing

Professor Volker Heine, Fellow at Clare

  • ermm

    there's a guy wearing a jumper and trousers. funkaayyy.

    • Normal Person

      This is what most of us look like.

    • YeaBoi

      But he plays rugby so he must be fucking cool

    • Yeah but

      he has a fixie bike.

    • Normal Person

      That's what most of us look like

  • Chris Douse

    I'm just deeply disappointed that no-one told me the day that being well-dressed became looking like a tw*t

    • Because if it did

      you'd win every time?

  • Max Mather

    is just fit, not well dressed.

    • Oh Dear

      Not the right forum for this, Laura.

    • Yeah but…

      he does Land Ec.

  • oh herrrroooo


  • GO GO


  • what's interesting

    about thesps being thesps

  • Oh dear

    That's well dressed???? (excusing the professor)

    The only one on there that doesn't have the fashion sense of a clown is Max.

  • omnomnom


  • Mechanic

    Bloke with the bike needs to fix his chain tension and pump up his tyres

  • shoes and sandals

    loving profs butterfly belt buckle

  • M.M.M.M


  • Eskimos

    Why do these all look like they're kitted out for winter? Where's the summer fashion?!

    • Have you seen

      the weather?

      • English


    • Cantabrigian

      I agree, I left my tweed at home for Easter Term for this very reason.

    • Ned Stark

      Winter is coming

  • hold up

    is this some kind of a sick joke?

  • Lady Sweet

    I'm not saying they're gay, but they ain't straight.

  • Socks

    and sandals.

  • Common Fashion Sense

    I can't be the only one thinking that Charlie needs to take that silly hat off and do a couple more shirt buttons up?

  • Das Volk

    Volker can hop in my wagon any day

  • Hipster

    They're so fucking edgy

  • Why is that man

    wearing a butterfly belt?

  • That Max Guy

    looks Chinese

  • Hugo Kelly

    Loving these fashion tips guys!!!! Just my style.

  • Kick The Beggar

    Charlie, PHD in Anthropology at King’s

  • Ruth Graham

    This once again shows how the Tab is institutionally sexist. Yet again, priority has been given to the male photos, with the promise of female shots next week. This is sickeningly representative of how the Tab editors think women are subordinate, should wait their turn, and only be considered after men. I call for the Tab to be closed down!

    Now I'll go and tell the Daily Mail all about it.

    • Ruth Graham

      Needs a good fisting

    • You're a

      Closet sexist. God you're really pathetic. So depressing how seemingly intelligent people can be complete and utter idiots in the face of a vocal, active female member of the community. GET OVER IT.


    Professor Heine, I love you

  • Mr. Cultured

    The 2nd year student studying EDE is beautiful. I would very much like to have sexual relations with him (no homo).

    • Sad

      He's actual graduated and is one of those sad ADC bitches who hangs around hogging all the good parts instead of going into the real world and doing some real acting.

      • V. Sad

        That's not true. He hasn't performed in Cambridge since he graduated.

        You keep plugging away though, and I'm sure with your can-do attitude you'll soon get those good parts you richly deserve.

      • Mr Cultured

        Really? How interesting!

        I'd still like to enjoy sodomy with him, regardless.

        (no homo)

  • Apparently

    If Max was in proportion, he'd be 4 foot 6.

  • curious

    Why does this Alex fellow have no hands?

    • handism

      Typical offensive Tab commentor, fucksake

    • Duh

      Having hands is too mainstream.



  • What about this?

    "Cumshots: the Guys"????

  • Arts student

    Where are the fashionable mathmos and compscis? Oh yeah, not a thing….

  • clareite

    i have never felt so proud of clare as i am now

  • dear tab

    why u delete comments?

    • Commentmonger

      I don't know. Maybe because you're a bad bloke jibson mega-anti-bloke anti-fun anti-lad non-ladiator non-fun megajibson worshipmonger smegmonger anti-anti-jibsonised maxi bloke-negative bloke peripheral smegmopathy-loving cheesehead (bit embarrassing).

      • dear tab

        I don't associate with that crowd at all. I made a relevant point, about the fact that the 2nd year EDE student is not a 2nd year EDE student, nor was the photo even taken in Cambridge, and it was deleted.

  • Just what

    is awesome about what these 'guys' are wearing? some of them would be constantly laughed at walking down the street . max looks pretty normal but then he's got a fixy so he fits the bill nicely

    • The Dude

      you obviously haven't walked down Sidney Street.

  • Confused

    I don't know what's ironic anymore.

  • oy oy Rorrrrry

    Bullshit is Rory second year – whattttchay stilll doin in Cambridddge boyo? Also, ya trousas are tiiiiiight (every sense of the word, but mostly negative perhaps, sorry)

    • Hello Dave

      He also looks a bit like a League of Gentleman character.

  • Gertrude

    Charlie is bare fit. Call me and we can get anthropological.

  • The one

    Who ever writes this crap needs to sort their life out. Jamie won fair and square despite the tabs attempts to slander. Get over it.

    • AJ

      Well said.

  • Get a life

    Well, it was a production, in which he played a black character. Therefore it was appropriate to look like a black character. I really don’t see how this is insulting to black people, in fact I think it’s incredibly patronising to black people.

    • matt corbin


    • Anon

      Probably said by someone who has never faced racial prejudice….

      • Polly

        Have you ever faced it?

        Or are you yet another middle-class white idiot on another tiresome ‘liberation’ campaign you know nothing about?

        • Get a life

          I hate the fact that because I’m white I can’t have an opinion on certain things.

          So yes, I have just faced it.

      • Get a life

        If the racial prejudice in question was that a black man had painted his face white to play a white character, I would not be offended in the slightest.

  • disqus_fiMQNxYe9M

    Someone is so damn butthurt about this. Come on, Jay won by over double the rest of the candidates. Students aren’t in shock, they VOTED FOR him. Someone just really can’t let this go.

    Hope the person who’s started this finds something better to do with their sad little life.

    • Dan Flatt

      Ha! You really think this is a democracy?

    • Joe

      The person who started this was the idiot who thought blackface was a good idea.

  • Supporter

    Great petition, blackface is never okay no matter the circumstance.

  • confused

    I agree, at the very least they need to look into the fact that he is now in a role of responsibility and has accepted no blame and shown little remorse for his actions (which were, let’s face it, racially ignorant).

  • Anon

    Honestly it’s stuff like this that makes us minorites feel unwelcome at Leicester uni. Blackface? In 2014? Really? If the union thinks it’s ok, it sends the message to us that our history of oppression and persecution is trivial.

    • Medical Advice

      You evidently need urgent surgery to remove that gigantic chip off your shoulder.

      • Anon

        Do you mean the chip on my shoulder put there by years of people using blackface to make a mockery of my race?

        • Terry Tibbs

          Get a fucking life.

          • Betty

            Is this conversation genuinely happening? This is downright plain as discrimination! How dare you belittle something that is profoundly racist? 2014 and racism is played down to a “chip on your shoulder” go find some human decency and do not play down something up clearly don’t have the intellect, maturity or even curtesy to understand! Your mothers must be proud.

            • Terry Tibbs

              I know, how dare I speak freely in an open comment forum and how dare I give an opinion that’s different to yours.

              You might not understand the concept of ‘free speech’, but we live in a democracy so it’s something you need to get used to.

              Oh, and learn to spell.

  • Harry Wells

    Me again! I’m still bitter.

  • Bonnie Vladmiu

    What an absolute joke.

    This petition is entirely the work of petty, miserable socialists who cannot bear the fact Jay won a democratic election.

    Grow up.

  • Anon

    This is ridiculous! Anyone who knows Jay knows he is not remotely racist in the slightest! The whole ‘blacking up’ stint doesn’t fool me, the people pressing this issue clearly have a chip on their shoulder regarding their lack of support in the student elections.
    I notice nothing has been said about the awful abuse Jay was subjected to following his election win by the other nominees. The things that were said were downright outrageous and needlessly malicious. This victimisation is far worse than the supposed offence Jay has caused through a photo of himself clearly in Hairspray costume!
    SO glad these sore losers didn’t win their positions, they would be greatly undeserving of it!


      Congrats! U R A Racist?

      • Anon

        Not at all. I don’t condone racism in the slightest….I just realise that the only reason he ‘blacked up’ was to play a black character in a stage performance.

        What I don’t condone is the horrific abuse he was subjected to. Clearly you think this is acceptable?

  • Alex

    The issue I have with this, as a once semi professional actor, is the idea of a drama company or a school even suggesting the idea of blackface for a production. It’s very hard to believe that in a whole production of hairspray a show which has approximately 20 named character that not one raised the issue of blackface being massively inappropriate in todays society. He himself should have questioned what he was being asked to do. The main problem I personally have is that he has not owned it. A quick google image search of the two photos highlights that all traces of the photo have been removed from social media and a quick browse through Jays tagged photos show plenty of photos of him tagged in other productions yet none of Hairspray exist. Similar to the homophobic slogan ‘don’t be gay vote for Jay’ whilst as a gay person I don’t personally find it offensive its inconsiderate and had little thought put into it. Yet he denies it ever existing, if he were to turn round and apologise and admit a mistake he had made there would be no issues at all. In my opinion his actions were never malicious just poorly thought out and stupid mistakes to which a simple sincere apology should have been enough.


      he was lying, he wasn’t in a play he was at a party.

      • hmmm

        I’m struggling to remember when any of the black characters in Hairspray dressed as ‘gangsta’ stereotypes. Not really believing this was a production of Hairspray.

    • Appleprick

      He’s a cunt. Plain and simple. Reflects very badly on the student population that he was voted in so comfortably

  • Anon

    Surely nothing has changed since he won the election, this is just how democracy works, if people didn’t want him in the role they should have campaigned for someone else.

  • Chris

    As a foreign student here at Leicester I would just like to tell everyone to stop being so whiney. Who cares? If this happened back home, no one would give a hoot and most of us are black. THe funny thing is, it’s mostly white people getting in a rage over this. Pathetic, grow up.

  • Nippleless Cage

    There is only one thing more grating than Racism and Feminazi’s… Whiny, middle class, white, do-gooder, douche bags, who want to fight everyone else’s battle’s for them out of some sense of inherited guilt. Stop it! It’s patronising and implies that a minority can’t, nor has the capability to sort out said issue’s.
    The mind recoils in horror.

    • But

      Except the person who created the petition is black and a lot of those signing it are also black…

      • Nippleless Cage

        If the main driving force for this is the black community at uni then i’ll support there cause, but we both know that’s not the full story and there’s a lot of bitchy butthurt individuals who are using this as a wonderful excuse to rubbish him under the umbrella of ‘racially sensitive’, which to me seems insincere.The former i will except the later i will not.

        • But

          The Black Community are offended though!!! Did you not hear what I just told you. The girl created this petition is Black, look at the profile picture of Naima Fowlis. A lot of the people signing it are black, read the comments. Facebook the names of the people signing the petition. A majority of them are black!!!!!!!

  • BEGS

    Whoever made this – shut up, get a life and invest your time in doing something useful with your life. Your petition is stupid. Jay is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, He’s honest, caring deserved his role within the union. That photo is of no significance and I do not understand why people are ‘taking offence to it’ would everyone react the same if a black person dressed or impersonated a white person- i dont think so. I know from personal experience that many people (especially freshers) often dress up in what could be considered to be racist or offensive costumes but noone says anything cause ‘they’re just having fun’, the only reason Jay is getting penalised is because of very immature individuals who are upset they didnt win the elections or are jealous of how much people care about him. Jay is the perfect candidate for that role and anyone who believes this crap being fed to them should take some time to actually meet Jay- talk to him and then make your decision. SO YEAH GROW UP ITS UNIVERSITY NOT SECONDARY SCHOOL.

  • AC

    (Without taking sides in this debate) Why don’t people check the rules on the removal of a Trustee (articles 36, 37 & 38 of the Union Constitution) before they make these petitions? Dan Flatt doesn’t have the power to remove Jay from office even if he wanted to. A majority of the trustees (Sabbs + student trustee + external trustees) can suspend his position but only Union Council has the power to remove him. So don’t be surprised or “outraged” when nothing comes of this campaign, don’t see it as a breakdown of student democracy, and don’t blame Dan Flatt.

  • Engelbert

    seriously, just get over it. He has won, by over 500 VOTES. if people didn’t want him to be elected, they would not have voted for him. But clearly they did. End of story. Move on.

  • Jaylover

    Jay is a lovely human being.

  • Betty

    You are telling me that a THEATRE SOCIETY who I imagine pride themselves on CREATIVITY and thinking out of the box couldn’t think of a better solution than to blackface? Lol whatever happened to altering the roles and a bit of artistic licence??

  • Anon

    I personally know Jay very well and don’t for one second think he is racist but let’s face it, he could have handled this much better and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely disappointed when I saw the picture and even more so when I saw his pathetic excuse. Anyone can take one look at a picture of Seaweed, the character he claims he was portraying, and see he looks absolutely nothing like that. Also, being a semi-professional production you’d think the “make-up” would be done a bit better, not look like a 5-year-old had slapped it on. The photo was quite clearly from a party, it was even from a photo album of a party! And the costume with the chains is quite clearly a parody of black stereotypes. Maybe it would have been more believable if he’d claimed he’d just been in a production of the A-Team as Mr T. Why lie about it, Jay? Why? All this would have been over so much sooner with a simple but sincere apology, an acknowledgement that it wasn’t appropriate and a promise never to do it again. People would have respected your honesty, instead your bullshit excuse has lost you a lot of respect, including mine.

  • Rim licker

    ironic because it seems zero shits were given about this article…

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