Camshots: The Guys

TOMMY SHANE turns the spotlight back on sexy guys, because the girls have hogged it for too long. Even a prof has got involved.

You may have the fear of the rear of the year, but the boys are back to show that they haven’t been put off posing for The Tab – at least with their clothes on.

This term many have opted for the academic look, perhaps to boost their self-esteem in light of exams. But there was also a bit of pineapple-flamboyancy, in a diverse selection of undergrads, postgrads, and even a professor. But don’t forget, these guys are not sex objects. They just wear awesome clothes. And in the name of sexual equality, we will of course be publishing a girl counterpart next week.

Enrico, 2nd year archaeologist

Alex, 3rd year classicist at Girton

Charlie, PHD in Anthropology at King’s

2nd year student studying EDE

Max, 2nd year Land Ec student at Downing

Professor Volker Heine, Fellow at Clare

  • Hugo Kelly

    Loving these fashion tips guys!!!! Just my style.

  • Kick The Beggar

    Charlie, PHD in Anthropology at King’s

  • Ruth Graham

    This once again shows how the Tab is institutionally sexist. Yet again, priority has been given to the male photos, with the promise of female shots next week. This is sickeningly representative of how the Tab editors think women are subordinate, should wait their turn, and only be considered after men. I call for the Tab to be closed down!

    Now I'll go and tell the Daily Mail all about it.

    • Ruth Graham

      Needs a good fisting

    • You're a

      Closet sexist. God you're really pathetic. So depressing how seemingly intelligent people can be complete and utter idiots in the face of a vocal, active female member of the community. GET OVER IT.


    Professor Heine, I love you

  • Mr. Cultured

    The 2nd year student studying EDE is beautiful. I would very much like to have sexual relations with him (no homo).

    • Sad

      He's actual graduated and is one of those sad ADC bitches who hangs around hogging all the good parts instead of going into the real world and doing some real acting.

      • V. Sad

        That's not true. He hasn't performed in Cambridge since he graduated.

        You keep plugging away though, and I'm sure with your can-do attitude you'll soon get those good parts you richly deserve.

      • Mr Cultured

        Really? How interesting!

        I'd still like to enjoy sodomy with him, regardless.

        (no homo)

  • Apparently

    If Max was in proportion, he'd be 4 foot 6.

  • curious

    Why does this Alex fellow have no hands?

    • handism

      Typical offensive Tab commentor, fucksake

    • Duh

      Having hands is too mainstream.



  • What about this?

    "Cumshots: the Guys"????

  • Arts student

    Where are the fashionable mathmos and compscis? Oh yeah, not a thing….

  • clareite

    i have never felt so proud of clare as i am now

  • dear tab

    why u delete comments?

    • Commentmonger

      I don't know. Maybe because you're a bad bloke jibson mega-anti-bloke anti-fun anti-lad non-ladiator non-fun megajibson worshipmonger smegmonger anti-anti-jibsonised maxi bloke-negative bloke peripheral smegmopathy-loving cheesehead (bit embarrassing).

      • dear tab

        I don't associate with that crowd at all. I made a relevant point, about the fact that the 2nd year EDE student is not a 2nd year EDE student, nor was the photo even taken in Cambridge, and it was deleted.

  • Just what

    is awesome about what these 'guys' are wearing? some of them would be constantly laughed at walking down the street . max looks pretty normal but then he's got a fixy so he fits the bill nicely

    • The Dude

      you obviously haven't walked down Sidney Street.

  • Confused

    I don't know what's ironic anymore.

  • oy oy Rorrrrry

    Bullshit is Rory second year – whattttchay stilll doin in Cambridddge boyo? Also, ya trousas are tiiiiiight (every sense of the word, but mostly negative perhaps, sorry)

    • Hello Dave

      He also looks a bit like a League of Gentleman character.

  • Gertrude

    Charlie is bare fit. Call me and we can get anthropological.

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