The Dirty Duck is open again and here’s what you’re missing

Everyone’s favourite on-campus pub is back in business

Ahh, the Dirty Duck. Warwick’s iconic pub, home to pre-POP Karaoke and the legendary Thursday pub quiz. It’s beloved by many… unless you’re a Fresher like me who hasn’t visited since Term One, thanks to that mild inconvenience of a pandemic.

Well, after way too many months of being closed, the easing of government restrictions meant the Duck reopened on Wednesday. And of course, despite our respective hangovers, my flatmate and I made it my duty to visit on opening night and check it out (all in the name of journalism of course…)

Firstly, we encountered a security guard manning the queue – or lack thereof. There was literally no one else there.

The space for pandemic-friendly queueing outside the Duck.

We sat down, and were surprised to see an eclectic mix of seats being used for temporary outdoor seating, from the Duck’s standard wooden benches to desk chairs and tables plucked out of a seminar room. Guess they aren’t too bothered about the Feng Shui?!

Makeshift outdoor seating alongside actual outdoor seating – because who doesn’t want a view of Whitefields alongside their pint?

Now, a word to the wise – don’t arrive hungry! I arrived ravenous, and craving a vegan burger, but was disappointed to find out that food was no longer on the menu. Thank god service was swift, and my vodka coke was pleasantly strong.

I began talking to one of the staff members, Matthew, about returning back to work: “It’s really nice being back to see everyone’s faces. I can’t wait until things get back to normality. People are already asking for bookings and larger tables than we currently have!”

I then asked him if being back at work was disrupting his personal life in any way and he mentioned that the reopening of the Duck had interrupted the renovation of his patio. #RIPMatthew’sPatio

Like I said, I went to the Duck for the journalism….

I then talked to Noah, Benjamin, Freya, Solomon and Kara, a group of students who were “ecstatic” to be back and were overall “satisfied by the experience, although cold.” They also reported that the “service is banging.”

They added their very short interview with me was “the best thing that’s ever happened,” which I’m pleased about, I guess.

“Can I take a picture of you guys for the article?” “Oh my God YEAH!”

Overall, I was pretty glad to tick the Duck off my Warwick student bucket list, and it’s safe to say we’re all glad to see campus beginning to return to normal. Although the experience was compromised, that’s just the nature of post-lockdown al fresco dining. It’s still a great spot on campus and I’m sure that the vibe will massively improve once the weather gets warmer and more people are willing to sit outside.


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